Pushing the Limits (YEG)

Every once in awhile, it is good to figure out where your limits are. After all, they will change over time. One of the great things about November Project is that you can actually push some of your limits every week. For example, if you’ve never worked out in cold weather until today, then after this morning your new limit would be -18C (I’m not actually sure how cold it was, but -18C feels right). And, if later on this winter it gets to -30C and you earn a badge, then that becomes your new limit. Let’s turn this around and talk about today’s burpee challenge. Get to the top, do as many burpees as you can then add one more. And, let’s be honest, if you’re adding one more, then your perceived limit is not your actual limit. Typically, we do 30 reps at the top of the stairs, along with a high five before we head back down and repeat. Today, every single person pushed their limit by one burpee. It may go unnoticed, but every time you push through your limit, you’re overcoming a mental obstacle. You’re proving to your mind that your body can do more than it thinks it can. And the more you do that, the more your mind will start to realize that you can accomplish more in other parts of your life. So, whether you did 0+1 burpee, or 30+1 burpees, OR 50+1 burpees like a few, everyone became a better version of themselves this morning.


Today: What’s in the Bag?!? A heaping serving of nothing

Saturday – We’re partnering with our friends from CBC for a Turkey Drive. Join us for a free 5k with our friend Nancy Carlson on December 14th. Details here!

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