You’ll Always Remember Your First (VB)

You’ll always remember your first… rain workout.  Picture it, your alarm just went off, you rolled over and can hear the rain on your windows. In that moment you chose that you were still going to show up. Go back to that moment, can you still feel it? The groan as you get up out of your warm bed and the constant second guessing of your decision. “Am I actually going to go out there today?!” “Maybe I should just get back in bed.” “Nobody is going to show up today anyways.”

Then you showed up, and realized that you were wrong. There’s something wrong with these people, they’re all here in the rain and ….excited about it?! People are hooting and hollering. The vibe of the bounce is different, people are yelling louder than normal, it’s INTENSE. Then the workout begins and suddenly you no longer care about how wet you are; you’re jumping in puddles and throwing yourself on the ground for burpees. There are high fives and fuck yeah’s all around you. Maybe you find yourself wishing this workout would never end. You feel BADASS. Whenever the workout does end, after the announcements and the picture, your high begins to wear off. You sit in your car and wonder “What the hell did I just do? Why do I want to do it again?!”

To this day I remember every detail about my first rain workout. It was Summer 2017 with John and Barry. We worked out in the grass behind a parking garage in Town Center. It was POURING rain. The kind of rain that feels like someone just dumped a bucket of water over your head. I remember lying down for situps and basically drinking the equivalence of a cup of water. Literally everything I owned was soaked and I’d never been happier. 

Summer 2017 DOWNPOUR

Today, in Virginia Beach, we had one of those days. It was 38 and raining with 15mph winds. It’s the worst kind of weather, it’s cold enough to chill you to the bone, but not cold enough to snow. (As I sit here typing this blog at 10:30am, I’m STILL not completely warm from the workout.) But even today, in the WORST weather I can imagine, one of our newer members Matt McCombs told me “I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to have a rain workout. I’m so excited it’s finally here.” 

There’s something so special about a true #Weatherproof workout. It’s when you finally tell that negative inner voice to shut up, that you ARE a badass and NOTHING is going to stop you. It’s when you realize all these people around you are just as committed to this movement as you. It’s workouts like these that change your NP friends into your NP family. 

So next time you roll over and hear the rain on your window, come on out and join us. We’ll be there and we’ll be LOVING IT.

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