Field Trips and BINGO

Group picture of November Project Toronto

November Project Toronto had a busy August and it looks like there will be more of the same in September! Now that we’ve been back in person for a month, we want to try something new. Beginning at our Labour Day Monday workout on Sept. 6, we’re going to temporarily workout in Riverdale Park East! That’s right, for the rest of September, all of our workouts will be at Riverdale Park East. Meet on the west side of Broadview Ave. just south of Langley Ave. near St. Matthews Clubhouse. read more

You’ll Always Remember Your First (VB)

You’ll always remember your first… rain workout.  Picture it, your alarm just went off, you rolled over and can hear the rain on your windows. In that moment you chose that you were still going to show up. Go back to that moment, can you still feel it? The groan as you get up out of your warm bed and the constant second guessing of your decision. “Am I actually going to go out there today?!” “Maybe I should just get back in bed.” “Nobody is going to show up today anyways.” read more

Get Out (Washington, D.C.)

Like Chris tumbling backwards and falling deeply into the sunken place, the droll gray skies and bone-chilling temps can have a lot of us feeling as though we’re getting lobotomized throughout the winter (too much? I think not.). Fortunately, like Rod pulling up in the TSA squad car to save Chris, NPDC is here to throw you a lifeline to GET OUT (while you still can). If you haven’t watched Get Out yet, sign up for the Night Run, and then go do that A$AP Rocky. read more

40cm deep

It was confirmed by late afternoon yesterday that the City of Ottawa would go into a basic shutdown. Such shutdown would include all schools from the collegiate to primary levels. Government employees were encouraged to stay at home and work from their laptops in the comfort of their own living rooms. AH YES, a total city shutdown. If there was any time we needed a solid video trailer this would be it. The focus would be blurred at the beginning but as people began to approach the flame their features would become more familiar. Then a really kick ass remixed song would drop in and it would cut to various humans running on Parliament Hill, some holding a plank in 40cm of snow while another set of individuals would be completing the hardest set of burpees you would ever witness. Yes that video promo would be sick. Maybe slightly inconceivable if you’ve never experienced snow like we have here in Ottawa. read more

Put One Foot In Front Of The Other (Again and Again)

Thoughts by the writer in both first and third person, from one of the co-leaders of November Project Brooklyn—Sierra.

“Hello, Blog Post, my old friend…” Sierra here, with a little bit of STORYTIME to get you through your most recently updated, ‘slightly delayed,’ travel commute. This blog brought to you by the month of January and the saying, just show up. read more

Roses, thorns and buds

Things learned:

2018 was so great for many reasons, many roses, perhaps a couple thorns and buds to look forward to in 2019.

–      At some point, people think you are too loud and that’s okay

–      NP Ottawa does a GREAT NINGA workout

–  We are still really great at being weatherproof, remember the rainstorm stadium workout? Or the -37 on the bridge? read more

An Egg, some spokes, huckle-buckle and a burnout

So here’s what you missed this morning in case the -17 with no windchill scared you, your family tied you down or the turkey got the better of you last night. We bounced to holiday themes like gingerbread cookies, skating, skiing, tinsel and icing. Spokes, spokes and let’s make some spokes! Call out a number and try and find the egg in the snow. Don’t pay attention to the squash, apple or clementines what you really need to find is the egg. After racing around the spokes you crawled your way through your teammates legs to be the first to dive towards the egg. Have you heard about huckle-buckle? read more

not just fair weather friends (ORL)

“brr, it’s cold out here. there must be some NP in the atmosphere! i said, brr, it’s cold out here. there must be some NP in the atmosphere! O-E-O-E-O… #iceiceice”

i’m learning that low temps are a pretty rare occasion here in orlando, but when they do come, the stalwarts still show up and earn their mornings. read more

Let’s talk winter (DC)

There comes a time in every NPer’s life where you’re going to start experiencing urges. Urges to pull the covers up, to stay inside, to not show up, to disappear. Yesterday might have been that day for you. It was COLD, the first feels-freezing day of the season. The group photos — ehh, they were a bit small. Some folks were missing. Those urges… read more

Is it just me.. or are my legs going to be hungover tomorrow – YWG

Winnipeg Notes:

  • Winter clothing donation
  • Friday November 16th – LAST OUTDOOR FRIDAY
  • FAFFBMH (can’t figure this out..? keep reading)
  • Positivity Award goes to….

When you wake up tomorrow morning, and wonder why it is that you feel like you’ve been hit by a semi truck..just remember about that beautiful bridge that links the Forks to St-Boniface and reminisce about the fact that you lunged there yesterday morning..and ..oh yeah..then waited in various forms of squats until the leaders said to partner up. The shortest of the pair was to run to the end of the bridge and back towards their bear-crawling partner and switch until you both make it back to the Forks. I’m giving myself full bragging rights about being the best and fastest bear-crawler out there! I’m fully open to a challenge, if anyone is up to it. We also did some other stuff that I’m not going to tell you about …cuz FOMO. read more