Leaf Peeping Tour of New England

Good Morning!

It’s that time of year! The leaves are changing and all of New England is really showing off. Let’s take a tour, look at some leaves and get our fitness on along the way!!

For this workout we have 6 rounds that will last 5 minutes each. You’ll have 2 moves per round. You’ll do the first move for 12 reps and the second move for 8 reps. Alternate between the 2 moves for the 5 minute duration. That’s it! Oh, and you’ll want to enjoy some gorgeous photos from each state we visit. Ready? Let’s do this thing!!

The Workout

Round 1
First up, we’ll be visiting Mohawk State Forest in Connecticut. Look how pretty it is!!

For this round, the moves are…
Mountain Climbers
Twisting Push Ups

Round 2
Rhode Island

Now for this round we’ll be heading right into downtown Providence! The streets here are lined with gorgeous trees!

Providence is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Rhode Island and is one of the oldest cities in the United States.

While we’re here in Rhode Island here’s what we’ll be doing…
Curtsey Lunges
Silly Geese
(aka, hold a 1/4 squat and alternate stepping back, not into a full lunge, just tapping your foot back)

Round 3

Let’s take off on an adventure to the Berkshires!!!! We’ve got some of the best sights Western Mass has to offer!

The moves for this round are…
Crossover Kicks

Nice work team!!! We’re halfway through!! 3 rounds down, 3 more to go!!

Round 4

Let’s hike up to Mount Mansfield to take in the scenery!!

Here’s what we’re up to in this round…
Glute Bridge March
Sit Up and Reach Through

Round 5
New Hampshire

Let’s head to the popular vacation spot, Lake Winnipesaukee!

For this part of the trip, we’ll be doing…
Tricep Dips

You’ve got this! Just one more round to go!!!

Round 6

Any leaf peeping in New England is incomplete without a trip to Acadia National Park!!

We’ll close out our trip with…
Pulse Squats
Wave Lunges

The Burnout

Nice work friends!!! Way to crush it!! Now, we want to make sure we’re really getting the most out of our leaf peeping adventure, so we’re going to close out with an amazing Burnout!!!

Enjoy a hot cup of apple cider…or at least a song about it.

You’re going to be catching leaves while listening to this song. Do either a skip or a march for the duration while reaching up high to grab those falling leaves!

That’s it friends!! We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening this month, so stay tuned!!

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