It’s snowing BANANAS(Ottawa)

Defining Community Through A Grassroots 100 Miler (CHI)

A redemption run that started as a solo, grassroots idea and quickly became a city-wide effort powered by friends old and new, and who are the epitome of what it means to #justshowup . This is Callie’s story.


It was about 2:30 am. I was shivering, curled up in someone’s tent, waiting for a friend to drive me and my tucked tail home from what was supposed to be a 100-mile finish at a 24-hour race around a 1-mile loop in Lisle, IL. Right from the start, I knew something was wrong. My body rejected all water and food (minus one mint and a sketchy fig newton) and I was stopping for the bathroom every mile on the dot. After 18 miles, that’s when I thought, “this isn’t safe anymore, something is seriously wrong.” read more

The Last Blog Post (For Now) – Brooklyn, NY

This entry written the night before her last workout and into the morning of (not as planned) and that was completely par for the course—via Sierra Asplundh.

All hugs by yours truly.
All photography featured in this blog post by Sebastian Gollings – find him on IG under the handle, @sebastiangollings

Tomorrow morning, I get the privilege to say the words, “Let’s get a little bounce going,” alongside my two co-leaders who will be bouncing and leading for many Wednesdays to come. I had this whole idea in my mind that I would only step down if I was moving or if I got a new job, or some other ‘life changing event’ that is suitable for health insurance updates. read more

Do you remember your first time? (VB)

You know, the first time that you decided to #justshowup ? When you finally got the courage to stop socially lurking, were tired of your friend nagging you to try it “one time please”, figured November Project might just be FOR YOU! I am pretty sure that we all remember that morning. You checked and double checked the location and time, googled directions & exactly how much time you needed to find parking.  Maybe you got there early and sat in your car second guessing why the hell you were doing this. Or perhaps you got there late and questioned whether it was worth it to go anyway. Needless to say, you took that chance and showed up to your first November Project Virginia Beach workout. read more

I’m too old for this… Guest Blog(VB)

I’m too old for this shit…You mean sitting on your couch, wasting away, getting more unhealthy because that’s what all the cool 40-somethings are doing? -Sometimes, I forget to act my age. I’m 42 and I was unhealthy as fuck at 39 when I found November Project Virginia Beach. I drank too much, I ate like shit and I wasn’t around people who hoped for my success. read more

#Justshowup Preggo Edition

I’ve been coming to NP Indy for just about two years since I moved to Indianapolis, and to me (and my husband who joined shortly thereafter) NP is home. Casey and Shaw learned my name and welcomed me into the fold and the hugs kept me hooked. So when I got pregnant, I was worried about how it would go. I also wanted to stay in shape to be healthy for labor.

Find Your Tribe (VB)

Find a group of people that challenge and inspire you, laugh and cry with you, always sweat and sometimes puke with you. You know you have found your tribe when you are with people that embrace your crazy, tolerate your quirks and love you unconditionally.  Spend one morning or years with those people and it will change your life forever. read more

Guest Blog: The Rankins (DC)

If you’ve been to a workout, you’ve probably seen the Rankin kids. Running around, making friends, smiling, ALWAYS doing the right thing. It’s a little maddening. We asked these stoic heroes to jot down a guest blog on the topic of their choosing. So without further ado, I’ll let Mark and Zoë take it away…

Mark and Zoë Rankin here guest-blogging this week!

Before November Project was even an idea, the Rankins had committed to showing up and respecting the verbal (hugging strangers came much, much later). If there’s one thing our family loves, it’s following through on something crazy we said we would do, that other people might even think is a little stupid. So when NP finally came around, the whole family fit right in.
read more