Why Not? (BOS)

It’s pretty easy to look out the window yesterday and see the rain pouring down…then the raindrops turn into snowflakes…and let that give you a reason to not show up to the workout this morning. I know that internal dialogue. It goes something like,

“oh shit. Really? It’s raining…that’s going to be gross.

What’s the temperature going to be?

Right at freezing?! Grosser. Let me check the weather on my phone.

… fuuuuuck, snow too? Oh we’re probably not going to be able to run stairs.

But I want to run stairrrrrrrrrs.

Should I go to NP?????”

Something like that, right? Well here’s the question. Why not? Why NOT go, even if it’s raining, even if there’s snow? Sure, based on all that internal dialogue, you can think about getting wet and how that’s annoying or gross or cold. You can think about whether you’ll climb stairs or not and how you really want to climb stairs and not run around in the snow, and having no guarantee about it makes your reluctance to commit that much greater. You can think about all the things that can keep you away from the workout, from the very cool outdoor movement, from the good good people who will most definitely be there.


Or you can just throw a little caution/resistance/whatever to the wind and say “why not?” Why not just show up? Why not see what’s going to happen because you know you’ll be happier having been out in the rainsnowweatherstuff than if you just stayed in bed a little longer? Why not just play in the snow and let that be the best workout in the city this morning? And if we run stairs, cool. If not, it’s spontaneous, unexpected, unusual, and also cool.

We can choose to only do the things that are certain and guaranteed, or we can say a little more, “why not?” in life and trust that it’ll be fun, worth it, and a great way to start the day. These are the days we remember (and value) way more than the same old, same old days we always have.

So keep showing up, keep trying new things. Why not?


FRIDAY 12/13 we have a hill workout at the top of Summit Ave. in Brookline – 6:29am.

AND we have the second Winter WOahMAN of our series at 5am. Also meet at the top of Summit Ave. for the start. READ THIS BLOG for more info about WOahMAN.

NEXT MONDAY 12/16 #destinationdeck workout will be in front of the Charles Hotel in Cambridge. 6:29am. Map HERE.

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