Get Ready for Winter WOahMAN (BOS)

This week continues the hype for NP_BOS’s 8th birthday. Yes, we were just “november project” for a few years, and now we’re officially one of the many many NP cities, but our roots go back all the way the the earliest of days. We’re celebrating, and it’s happening all week long.

Remember there’s great stuff happening on Wed–live tagging happening for the 8th Bday–so be sure to wear a white/bright/light colored shirt and during the workout, we’ll get you tagged with something you can only only get on Wednesday. No make up days. Only shirts you’re wearing. It’s limited edition, Birthday fun. Come and get it.

but mostly, get ready for Friday: WOahMAN

This Friday, 11/8 will have the following:

  • REGULAR 6:30am workout at Corey Hill Outlook Park–for anyone and everyone who wants to run some hills. It’ll be #PRhills day, for everyone who’s running.
  • AND ADDITIONALLY, AS AN OPTION, BUT NOT REQUIRED…we will be hosting a WOahMAN. It’s the NP Boston version of a triathlon that combines all our workout days into one. This starts at 5am. You do NOT have to do the WOahMAN, and everyone is welcome to give it a go!

The details for WOahMAN

WHEN: START at 5am

WHERE: Start at the top of Summit Ave. (Corey Hill Outlook Park).


  • Start at the fire hydrant. Run down the back hill: Summit Ave. to Allston St.
  • Right on Allston St. (cross Comm Ave. and Brighton Ave.) and go through the CVS parking lot to Cambridge St.
  • Right on Cambridge St.
  • Go to pedestrian bridge, turn left to cross the bridge
  • Turn right onto Franklin St. and continue to N Harvard St.
  • Turn left on N Harvard St. and run to the stadium.
  • Enter anywhere and complete a full tour from section 37 – 1.
  • Exit stadium anywhere and run back to Summit Ave, retracing the route above.
  • Once at the top of Summit Ave., complete 25 burpees
  • Run one full hill (front side, down to beacon st. and back up + back side, down to Corey Rd. and back up)
  • Complete 25 more burpees
  • Run one more full hill.
  • Finish at the fire hydrant.


  • Your own water/fuel
  • Your own timing device
  • Layers, it’ll probably be cold
  • A FULL SET OF DRY CLOTHES to change into after you finish–there will be private spaces to change out of wet clothes, which will prevent hypothermia and being too cold.
  • All your fun.
  • Good, positive, kind energy for yourself and everyone else.
  • And a race bib–any bib you’ve used before, or a piece of paper pinned to you to look like a race bib. Come on…we’re racing!! 🙂

THE PLAN: Plan to stay until 7:30 when the normal end of workout happens. We will be celebrating the first finish of the Winter WOahMAN series, and we want everyone to be there. If you are not finished before 6:30am (many will not be) you’ll finish with everyone else who is running hills. No one will be left behind. If you want to do this, we’ve got your back.

Any QUESTIONS? contact me (EmSauce) via blog comments, FB messenger (Emily Saul), or IG (@emilysaulbos)

See you soon. Have a great week!

next monday 11/11

workout will be held at Fort Hill Tower / Highland Park in Roxbury. 6:29am. And Johnson is hosting a breakfast potluck at his house nearby the workout afterwards, so show up for both!!

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