Birthdays Are Big But So Are the Other Days (BOS)

Today is the birthday of November Project, that great big goofy thing we do in Boston on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. And we made all kinds of noise about it this morning at the hills–as did many who love NP on social media. And birthdays are definitely a big deal. They allow us to celebrate, and reflect, and look back at when things were so little and young…and how they’ve grown and developed…and all the progress and change that’s happened. And that reflection is essential to being able to grow things forward with intention. So yay for birthdays, for NP’s big birthday today, and all the other time-markers of growth we have.

And the other days–the non-birthdays–are pretty great too. Those every day kind of days where we show up and maybe meet some people and do the workout, and choose to have NP in our lives. Those days aren’t as “big” as birthdays, but I think they matter just as much. Because they are the building blocks that lead to the progress and development. They are the stepping stones of relationships and the repetitions that lead to physical improvement. Those other days are filled with the moments that might be little, but that contribute to the swell of emotion, the tide of meaning, that we experience on those big days like birthdays.

I asked everyone at Summit Ave this morning to go find someone who’s impacted you, who’s inspired you, or just made a difference to you–and tell them. Because these kinds of “celebrations” are just as important as the big singing of the song, the sweet taste of cake, and the hooray of the birthday. Those days matter too–and the year is filled with them, thank goodness. Go enjoy them all. And thanks for showing up for all these years–or all these months, weeks, and workouts. They all matter and so do you. We’re glad you’re here.

next wednesday 11/6

we’re going to be spraying special 8th birthday tags on people at the stadium, so definitely show up. And wear any color shirt besides black–we’ll be tagging in black paint, so it’ll show up best on light/bright/white colors. you want the fresh tagggggg.


Nov 8th: we will have NORMAL friday hills starting at 6:30am. And everyone partaking in the WOahMAN will be meeting at the hills and starting at 5am. Yup you read it correctly. 5am start. We’ve got this, it’s going to be hard, fun, and like nothing else.

MONDAY destination deck

SHOW UP to the next one on 11/4, at 6:29am. On the Greenway, at the Rings Fountain. #JustShowUp

we still need your help with science

November Project is teaming up with Dr. Evan Johnson at the University of Wyoming Division of Kinesiology and Health to understand, investigate, and quantify how this free fitness movement translates to physical activity habits outside of our early morning workouts. Specifically, we’d like to measure NP participants’ feelings of fitness independence both within NP workouts and within your own workouts. We are looking for people who have attended at least one November Project workout within the past three months. This study will be conducted through online questionnaires and an optional phone interview, requiring a total of 25 to 60 minutes of your time. You can take the first step by clicking on this link. We (including the researchers) appreciate your time and can’t wait to share what you tell us!

If you have questions about your rights as a research subject, please contact the University of Wyoming Institutional Review Board Administrator at 307-766-5320.

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