Adventures (YEG)

I have done my best to always accept adventure. I’m not perfect at it but this approach has taken me across the globe, where I’ve met some amazing people, and visited some beautiful places. This privilege is not one that I take lightly and when the opportunity does presents itself I do my best to take advantage. 

I’m not going to go into the benefits of travel. If you have been fortunate enough to experience what life has to offer than you know, if you haven’t I cannot express how important I personally think that it is. It doesn’t have to be anything huge but taking he time to see how someone else lives beyond your day-to-day can expand your understanding for the better. 

An opportunity for adventure presented itself almost a year ago, I said yes, and now that adventure begins on weds evening. I find myself getting on a 30hr flight to Nepal for a stage race. Day after day, for a little over a week I’ll be running through the Nepali mountains alongside some world class athletes (like Holly Page – sky running champion). I am really excited but honestly kinda terrified. I don’t know how the altitude will effect me, what if I get injured, how will my stomach handle the change is food, what if…, what if…, what if. Stepping out of ones comfort zone allows one to grow but hot damn it doesn’t make the initially ‘leap’ any easier. I’ve said it before but when I write these blogs I want to be as honest as I can with you regardless of how I chose to present myself. Honestly this run freaks me out. I know it will be fine, I trust in my training, and I’ve done everything I can to keep myself safe.  Side note: If you have any suggestions for podcasts or movies to watch please send me them – I’ve got some looooooonnnnnggggg layovers to make it through

I’m going to take this next adventure head on and take part in this once in a lifetime trip. I’m back on the dec 1st after some added travel days and can’t wait to tell you all about it. 

Thank you for taking the time today to join in a classic NP workout, my arms and core are for sure feeling it this evening. 

Find your next adventure, step out of your comfort zone and…

Keep being awesome,



We have selected 11 top secret days where we will give out #NPButtons this winter. The days are so secret that Jen bought a new safe, and locked the schedule inside. Anyway, 11 buttons, 11 random days, 11 laughs. You must be at the workout to get the #NPButton. If you miss the day, you miss the button.

Wed – Royal Glenora Stairs. BG and Bojan will be here. They started this global movement #JustShowUp

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