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Morning. It is well past 7am by now and your fingers have surely defrosted. We were back on the lawn of the Supreme Court of Canada. High fives and hugs (mittens connecting) were being dished out in the transition area as we heard movements and reps being shared. When you reflect back on mornings like today, you can use them as a conversation starter, a pick me up or a refresher of how fortunate enough we are to workout in the greatest city of them all. How lucky are we to make the most of these shortest days of the year, by starting early and dark being surrounded by such wonderful souls? To have that extra reason to peel yourself out of bed to make those mornings brighter with some HIPS IN HUGS! (This was reviewed today, in case you missed it- hips in, eye contact, embrace. It’s important to keep the standards high and hold each other accountable. We can get lax on the quality of those hugs if we’re not careful).

If you find yourself in this great city on December 25th we are encouraging you to add one more tradition into your day.

Traditions are customs or beliefs that we pass on from one generation to the next. They are a unique experience that invites friends, family, lovers and brothers to come gather in one location. WOW, it almost sounds like your talking about the Street Hockey Game November Project Ottawa is hosting on December 25th. They have a symbolic meaning and hold great value in your life. Why yes, that is exactly what we are talking about. You don’t even have to be good at hockey, or ever picked up a hockey stick before. We’ve got nets and balls and extra sticks. If you have one or two of five, bring one or two or five, if you don’t, we got your back.

We know that you may already have plans in place for December 25th but could your plans or traditions be enhanced by waking up a little bit earlier.

We believe the answer is yes. Here’s why:

  1. Everyone No one in your family is going to be awake before 7am, might as well get an early start to your day #winthemorningwintheday
  2. Create a new tradition with friends, family and strangers
  3. Join in on the most classic Canadian event to happen before 2020.
  4. We’re playing street ball hockey.
  5. Don’t have a hockey stick. WE GOT YOU
  6. Don’t have skates. YOU DON’T NEED EM
  7. Don’t know how to play hockey? COME LEARN
  8. Baked goods, hot chocolate and warm hugs will be handed out all morning.

Need we say more? I mean we probably could, but for now know that a new tradition

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


1. Next week we are at Parliament Hill #prday is upon us

2. December 25th we will be at the Aberdeen Pavilion 6:29am find more about the event here:

3. New Years Day workout- Jan 1 is BRIDGE MONTH! It is just the best. Kick off 2020 with the best! Alexandra Bridge, meet at the Spider.

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