Together (apart). Responsible Social Distancing.

Hey Fam,
Strange times out there, but we can get through this together (apart). It has been beyond heartwarming to see all of your faces over ZOOM at our morning workouts! Keep showing up, we’ll be there for you, no matter what!

Look at all those smiling faces!

It’s a wild world right now, but here in Manitoba we were given an early warning. We were given a head start that most other places weren’t. We saw this coming, we knew what the spread of this virus could look like and we were given the opportunity to stay ahead of it. Every morning I look at this map of Canada and I feel so grateful for this place that we live and this chance that we were given.

I am deeply and truly grateful for the way that all of you are behaving. I did a the following poll on the NP YWG Community Page:
How responsibly are we social distancing:
1 – Not at all. Living normal. 🙈
2 – Being cautious, but still going out. 
3 – Going out as needed, mostly staying/working from home, still seeing friends and family groups less than 10. 🙃
4 – very limited, only going out when unavoidable and very careful contact with people 🤐
5 – Full lockdown. No one in or out. 😷
And I was heartened to see that of the 46 of you who responded most were at a 4, and those who weren’t were front line workers. I am so proud of this community, please keep it up, please keep being leaders on this issue, please keep staying home.

I see you staying at home on your Instagram’s and all of the fun creative ways your staying connected and staying entertained! Keep sharing that socially responsible content, keep leading by example, keep showing people that it’s cool to stay home.

Strong like Jody.

We can do this, we can keep staying home, we can flatten the curve.
Stay home:
-do it for your Grandparent
-do it for your immune compromised family member
-do it for your friend who had to close their small, independently owned business
-do it for your classmate who was laid off from their job in the service industry
-do it for your neighbour who can’t visit a sick family member
-do it for your damn self, so we can get past this and you can have beer on the Commons patio in the summer sunshine.

Bless you Ollie, we see you out there, keeping the world clean.

I see all of the kind things that you are doing for yourselves and others and I am heartened. Keep supporting local businesses, keep making meals for the front line workers, keep checking in on your friend who lives alone, keep checking in on your friend who is home with 3 kids. This is hard and it’s probably going to get harder, but please, keep it up.

Be the leaders I know you are and keep staying home.
We can. We will. We must.

I’m only ever a FaceTime away if you need a pep talk, pick me up, or to be scolded into making the socially responsible decision.

I am proud of you all and I cannot wait to see you IRL.

Just a couple of practice retirees, staying entertained.

-The Queen of Zoom Meggie H

Special shoutout to Willie for shaving that dang ‘stache.
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  1. Where can we find the workouts? Have found the Zoom link but have heard there’s a list of exercises for each workout somewhere?

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