COVID-19 Hot Take (CHI)

Hot take:  I think we’re all going to come out the other side of this coronavirus pandemic faster, fitter, and stronger than we went in.  Hear me out…

Already, a week in to working from home for the majority of Chicago, people that don’t usually workout have been messaging me and telling me that they went for a run for the first time in ages, or they joined an online class, or they committed to yoga or meditation practice.  

For our November Project members that have found it a challenge to join us due to work conflicts, travel conflicts, childcare conflicts, shower conflicts…all of a sudden your schedule just cleared up and you can add us back into your routine.    

So. Many. Options. Online.  It’s like the entire fitness world is on Zoom or Instagram Live right now, and you have so many ways to stay active and engaged for free.  Always wanted to try Zumba?  Boom. November Project without going outside in the cold?  Yep. Yoga without the pressure of that one guy in class who always does the extra handstand while you’re just struggling through your chaturanga?  Solved.

Personally speaking, I’m already sore and noticing a difference in my arms/shoulders.  Skipping around the workout snapping pictures, joining for a few reps, and handing out high fives versus actually doing the entire workout twice a week is a change for me.  

On top of all this free time, and all these free resources, we’re also working on our mental game for those eventual fall races.  Endurance running in particular requires a strong mind, a commitment to not give up and to persevere. Every day that you choose to get up, get out the door for a solo run, join an online workout, and stay active in the face of this pandemic is like a deposit in the mental endurance piggy bank.  When you toe the line this fall you’ll remember all the days you woke up and worked out anyway. You’ll remember all the reps and all the miles you logged on your own. And you’ll fucking crush that race.

Speaking of racing…this week, that’s exactly what Nez and I want you to do. Between Sunday, March 22 and Saturday, March 28, NP Chicago and our sister city NP Baltimore are hosting our first ever virtual Sunrise 6K. You have seven days to get out the door and race your fastest 6K (or 3.73 miles for those of you on the imperial system). Never run a 6K? Great! Automatic PR. Not your first 6K rodeo?  You have a chance to best your previous PR. Run this solo and anywhere–even if you are out of town for the time being. Race hard, represent November Project, post to your socials using #NP_Continues, and submit your results here.

And yes, I know it’s easy to be positive right now.  If we’re kept apart for weeks and weeks it will become easier to fade, to just sleep in, to get frustrated and sad and anxious and angry and lonely, to skip this run or that workout, to stop FaceTiming friends and family, to draw inward and away.  

Here’s my challenge to you:  Every time you feel that negative energy creep in I want you to acknowledge it, and then grab it and stuff it in your pocket.  Yes, really. All those negative thoughts will multiply in there, and when you multiply a negative by a negative guess what–you get a positive.  It’s math. So your pocket will become a bundle of positive energy. And when we finally get together in person for that first bounce together–did you just get goosebumps?  I did just thinking about it–that energy is going to explode.  Fuck yeah.

In the meantime, let’s get faster, fitter and stronger than before.  #NP_CONTINUES     

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