COVID-19 Hot Take (CHI)

Hot take:  I think we’re all going to come out the other side of this coronavirus pandemic faster, fitter, and stronger than we went in.  Hear me out…

Already, a week in to working from home for the majority of Chicago, people that don’t usually workout have been messaging me and telling me that they went for a run for the first time in ages, or they joined an online class, or they committed to yoga or meditation practice.   read more

Bringing the Heat (VB)

  • Justin’s Guest Blog last week had such an impact, that we’re just gonna keep this blog Wisconsin Notes style.
  • With “real feel” temperatures soaring into the 100’s. This crew brought the FIRE to the workout this morning with stair repeats and Abs/Arms/Booty exercises.
  • Lynn Murphy very deservedly earned the Positivity Award.
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    #GlobalRunningDay – 175 Strong! (ATL)

    You guys…. WE DID IT!

    Through a collaboration with 3 of Atlanta running community’s top ambassadors, we rang in #GlobalRunningDay with more than 175 people!

    First, we have to thank our partners for this event because we couldn’t have done it without them! Thanks to your strong communities in Atlanta – Atlanta Track Club and Big Peach Running Co.! Also, we had a huge group from Back on my Feet Atlanta come out. We are so stoked and can’t wait for future collaborations!

    This is what November Project is all about – working together and building a community centered around FREE fitness that is inclusive for everyone, all ages, all fitness levels. For #GlobalRunningDay it seemed like a no brainer to do a staple NP Sunrise 6k. 

    Big Peach, the experts at hosting races in ATL, planned a 6k route around Georgia Tech. 6k=3.72 miles. WHY? Because why do people run 5ks? You know NP likes to be different. As the Sunrise 6k can sometimes be a competition, all who recorded the route on Strava will see their time –>

    Thanks to the incredible pull of Atlanta Track Club spreading the word, the run even got a shout-out in Runner’s World!

    The bounce was EPIC… we didn’t bother that we would potentially wake up people at 6am. (You live in the city, and this is one day a year!) After that, the group took off for their run (we were so big we had to go off in WAVES like a race. #goals)

    As everyone finished, we brought them in with the cheer tunnel!

    The day ended with a presentation of the Positivity Award to someone who’s life has changed through November Project… Stein Esser. We’ll get him to write up a blog post so he can shine in the spotlight… he’s a pretty hilarious guy!

    See all the photos from the morning here.

    June is BIG for November Project ATL!

    How big? So many events we needed another blog to talk about them.

    Number one goal: Break 100! We did it for Global Running Day, let’s do it again! 

    In addition to our regular Wednesday and Friday workouts (always 6:27am) see below for special workouts and events!

    Find all our workouts here.

    Friday June 8

    Grady Stadiums with DJ Rob Sessions | 6:27 AM | Grady High Stadium

    Who else can say they ran stadiums and got in a hardcore workout WITH a DJ spinning beats… at 6:27 am? US in ATL.

    Sunday June 10

    Atlanta Streets Alive  | 4-8 PM 

    We’re an activity partner so we’ll be out hosting fun pop-up workouts all evening long! Check out the Interactive Map (may be live Thursday 6/7) to find out where we are! Somewhere by Centennial Park.

    Wednesday June 20

    Hillpine Hill Runs | 6:27 AM | Meet at Orpheus Brewing

    DIFFERENT WORKOUT LOCATION! We’re running Hillpine, a steep hill in Morningside neighborhood of ATL. We’ll meet near Orpheus brewing at our regular time. Here’s the meeting spot.

    Saturday June 23

    Bike. Run. Hike. Paddle. at Stone Mountain read more

    Inaugural Starlight6K

    Why in boxer briefs would we give you the route details before 6:00am today? I guess it would put your minds at ease knowing the exact location in which you must turn around or maybe it would have helped you gather your bearings a little bit more.  After being informed of the route maybe you would have mapped it out to make sure that it is exactly 6.0 kilometres.  Yet, for all those reasons and a couple more we gave you all the deets post bounce.  Post that glorious, harmonious bounce where we called for the sun to rise for our Sunrise6k. Mr.Sun didn’t really listen, so new token name is the “Starlight6K”

    So here’s what’s refreshing about this morning, we held our first ever Sunrise 6k. This is not to say that citizens of Ottawa don’t run sunrise 6k’s…. Lots of runners and dog walkers out for their morning jaunt. I mean anyone can run, jog, walk, dash or sprint a 6k at sunrise but is it still the same if it’s not with your tribe?  NO. The answer is a hard no. Like a hard boiled egg or a hard head. It’s still no.

    After locking your car door this morning you were greeted with faces and smiles that became brighter underneath the city lights.  While approaching the new and improved Centennial Flame you are drawn in by open arms of your fellow tribe members.  After hugging friend after friend, you began to feel the corners of your lips lift and turn naturally into a smile. Then began the countdown and in a mere 5 seconds you had the chance to look over, make eye contact with one person and wish them luck.  At the start line, you left Parliament Hill behind you as you moved along Wellington, down the stairs towards the Rideau Locks.  You passed by the National Arts Centre and began to take in your city but it’s only been a mere 4 minutes.  You found yourself slowing down to take in the beauty of Ottawa at dawn.  The Rideau Canal is calm and you continued to do as you were told and follow that yellow line.  The murmur of someone calling your name gets louder and louder as you approach the turn around mark.  You are now giving out high fives like Oprah’s Christmas giveaway show. Everyone gets one, you did, he did and I’m sure she did. Maybe even the solo runner had a better run because someone from NP cheered them on along the path.  The constant roar of members hooting and hollering for each other to push themselves is now a familiar sound to hear. This is but of course the Sunrise 6k.  Your final stretch you found yourself gliding along the canal, maybe there was no Herbal Essences moment, but you are a powerful, strong force to be reckoned with.  Making your way up the too familiar stairs, back onto Wellington you made your final push to Parliament Hill.  Your hands are braced on your quads as your breath is heavy, you can see the steam come off your own body but find yourself bringing your hands together to clap and cheer as others make their way in.  You move back onto Wellington to encourage and cheer.  People that are now waiting for the city bus are staring and wishing they too could have a personal cheerleader like you.  As our final members bring it in, there is excitement and a contagious vibe of accomplishment that is sprinkled upon us all.  We just wrapped up our first ever Sunrise 6k and we set the bar fucking high.  Times were set, people showed up extra early and Wednesday just became our new but always- favourite day of this week again.

    Congrats to our first place finishers Caroline and Stephen who took home some sweet glasses. And congrats to all those who showed up, who ran their first 6K! Who ran their fastest 6K, who ran the farthest they have run in a while, who ran more than they walked, who cheered on a tribe member, who brought their best this morning. It’s so cool to see people accomplishing goals and reaching something they didn’t think they good.

    So, running a sunrise 6k alone is different and yes you can do it. But running a Sunrise 6k with your tribe is something that only happens here on Wednesdays.  Sprinkle that magic dust of happiness mixed with hugs, high fives and some super wicked people like yourself and that is why this shit is good. Too good. Spread that magic to each of your worlds today.


    Here’s to bringing soles together,

    Liz and Lauren


    1. THIS SATURDAY Dec.9 is #NPgivesback and #NPgivesblood – group blood donation. 9:00AM at Canadian Blood Services Join the crew for any or all of the following:
  • 8am 6-8km Run with Somerset run group (Meet at Bridgehead- 282 Elgin St)
  • 9AM – Life bus takes us from Bridgehead to Blood donation (1575 Carling Ave)
  • 11am brunch at Al’s Diner (834 Clyde Ave)
  • Let us know if you plan on joining (or anyone you’d like to invite) so we can confirm an appointment for you
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    On Monday, August 28th we wake up, jump out of bed, and head out together for a November Project Tribe run/jog to the gorgeous Okanagan sunrise! After the run we will all head over to our favourite spot on the Bean Scene patio for coffee, conversation, laughs, and GTs!!

    You MUST BE THERE in order to get the Limited Edition NP Kelowna 6K tag on your shirt… We had this wicked design made just to tag your #grassrootsgear to commemorate your completion of the Sunrise 6K! Tagging will occur post run before we grab our morning coffee. Bring your plain bright coloured shirt that you want to get tagged with the LE 6K Tag!!

    ANYONE & EVERYONE… As always, this November Project activity is for everyone  and anyone. It doesn’t matter how often you work out, who you are, if you have ever been to November Project or not…



    Meet @ the Sails at 5:40 to 5:45! We will be departing on the run at 5:50. (reminder: Monday, August 28th)

    We will release the route in the days leading up to the run so that you can know where you go if you get lost or stop to tie your shoe. Plus who doesn’t love a surprise!

    FREE as always with November Project workouts!!!

    REMINDER: Don’t forget to check out the Nine Rising/Okanagan Lifestyle living room event from 11:00-4:00 tomorrow (August 19th) at the Okanagan Pride Festival at the Gazebo at Waterfront Park!