Touching Base. #NP_Continues

To My NP Phoenix Community, 

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout our communities, we have all had to make some serious adjustments to our typical routines and practices to help keep one another safe. As I am sure you are all aware it is very important that we continue to practice social distancing at this time which means we as a November Project global movement are not holding in-person events and workouts. As mentioned in the official NP statement, “as an organization that thrives on community engagement, group fitness, and defying social norms, it pains us to have to postpone all in-person workouts until further notice, but it is our responsibility to protect the health of our members, leaders, and family members globally.” 

But, fret not my dear friends  #NP_Continues. We are just taking our FREE workouts and community online into a virtual format. Please know that we are just as committed to building community now as we have ever been and that we are still here to support one another through this crazy time. 

For those of you that know me personally, you know that I have intentionally stayed behind the curve with all things social media and have ADAMANTLY been opposed to posting stories on Instagram or Facebook. I am definitely one of those old geezers who believed that in the flesh type of human connection was all that counted; but, I am singing a new tune now because MAN ALIVE am I beyond grateful for all the virtual mediums we have available to us that can help us all stay connected. Not saying that I would not have preferred to actually have clinked glasses at happy hour, but I am happy to say that my love tank was filled up after the ZOOM happy hour Kendra set up last week for NP Phoenix. I loved it so much, that I started setting up additional virtual hangouts with friends all over the globe and strongly encourage you to reach out to friends both near and far in whatever ways you can. Especially, if you are starting to feel lonely like I have felt, as the quarantine days press on. Join us on our Facebook social page, the Cactus Lounge, for the virtual meetups happening weekly. 

In regard to working out, November Project Phoenix will be posting workouts on Sundays so they will be uploaded and ready for our regularly scheduled Monday mornings AND the mothership November Project will be posting workouts for Wednesday mornings (we will also post from our NP Phoenix accounts). If you are like me and need to keep your typically routine, I will make sure they are there for you to complete per our usual schedule. I know if  I start sleeping in now, it will be crazy difficult to get back up when we get back.  If you aren’t like me and you want to complete them at your leisure (I see you Dean. #NP_Continues), you can complete them at any time. We just ask that you post a picture or video from your workout and tag @novemberprojectphx and include #NP_Continues and #np_phx. We need your help to hold each other accountable and stay connected! Feel free to call out or tag ANYONE (yes, ANYONE) you haven’t seen at an NP workout in awhile or anyone you think could use some accountability or connection right now. 

If that isn’t enough, this is a link to all the NP Cities around the world that are hosting their virtual workouts live.  There are workouts available nearly every day of the week across all the cities. Now is your time to #traverbal to another city virtually. Or you can do three workouts in a row in different time zones if you are feeling up to it. Have questions about traverbeling? Ask myself or  Siva. He is the master of the virtual traverbal. He showed up to the Boston and San Diego live workouts last Wednesday. 

I will also be posting an NP Phoenix calendar of daily workouts for the remainder of the month and for April if you just really want to be told what to do and not have to think about it any further.  Furthermore, Rick is planning on providing Friday track workouts and Karen is taking her Monday night 6k into a virtual format as well so feel free to join them! 

For all things motivation and community, please join the Cactus Lounge, our social page, and stay connected.

If you are having a rough time during this rough time and don’t know where to go, reach out. We got you. 

Peace, love, and cacti



MONDAYS: HILLS – workouts continue and will be posted on Sunday for you to have by Monday.

WEDNESDAYS: GLOBAL NP workout. Posted by the mothership on Tuesdays to complete on Wednesday. Need more accountability. Join one of these NP groups hosting live virtual workouts. 

Post a photo with the tags #NP_Continues and @novemberprojectphx to show us you are keeping up with your workouts. 

ZOOM COFFEE SOCIALS – info on our Facebook social page, Cactus Lounge. 

SOUTHWEST COLLISION COURSE: will be rescheduled. I will be paying back anyone who paid me directly. Any questions, let me know.

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