A Zoom Zoom Zoom

Originally, I really thought this song said Zoom Zoom Zoom but as you have now listened to it the word is boom not zoom. We also thought we should mention that last week in the height of it all we forgot to share on our beloved blog. For that reason and many more we thought to share how we can continue to create community virtually.

We also believe it’s important to acknowledge all of you for continuing to show up throughout this surreal time we are currently in. As you look around at the faces over zoom you see people that you may have shared a hug with, maybe completed a hoistee-j with or have stood beside in the group photo. When you hop onto Zoom it’s almost like those first couple of minutes when people begin to make their way towards the flame, pass the gates into the stadium. I know we are just as excited to see your face virtually at 6:29am as much as in person.

As we continue to be updated with new information know that you have a group of people to help you navigate through these times. Feel free to connect and share on our social page about weekly dance parties, cooking shows or group hangouts. Here are some other ways that you can all continue to connect not only with us but with the WORLD.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz

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