Touching Base. #NP_Continues

To My NP Phoenix Community, 

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout our communities, we have all had to make some serious adjustments to our typical routines and practices to help keep one another safe. As I am sure you are all aware it is very important that we continue to practice social distancing at this time which means we as a November Project global movement are not holding in-person events and workouts. As mentioned in the official NP statement, “as an organization that thrives on community engagement, group fitness, and defying social norms, it pains us to have to postpone all in-person workouts until further notice, but it is our responsibility to protect the health of our members, leaders, and family members globally.”  read more

Fah Who Foraze

I don’t even know where to begin with regard to today’s workout. Perhaps describing the actual workout itself would be nice; or the smiling, bouncing faces that dotted the trails surrounding the buttes, awash in golden sunshine. But I should first probably address the stencil situation over the past two weeks.

My bad. We were supposed to tag some rainbows in celebration of PRIDE last week. I had everything together: stencils, gloves, masks, towels… I even knew that I had the right colors (ROYGBV) among my cache, so I didn’t need to look the night before. Meg even asked me to double-check, but in my hubris I wouldn’t hear it. “YES WE HAVE ALL OF THE COLORS I CHECKED NOW STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT,” I shouted at her, the words dripping with insolence. But Wednesday morning had other ideas, its sinister, Cheshiresque grin peering out from the shadows. I woke up, launched myself out of my bed, and floated down the stairs and to the garage. The cabinet doors, anticipating my arrival, creaked open as I approached. I flung them open to find… two colors. Two FUCKING colors – red and blue – and not a whole lot else. I deflated like a dancing tube guy from a shady car dealership, a defeated man trudging his way to a now less-awesome workout. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake this week, loading six fresh cans into the car last night and ensuring we had the full monty this morning so Jeremy could bang out some tremendous #grassrootsgear.

WI Notes

  • Let it be known that July 4 (our 3-YEAR ANNIVERSARY) is on a Wednesday. You actually won’t want to miss this, the BIGGEST EVENT of the year. Stay tuned for further details.
  • Everyone needs to find and call-out someone who should #justshowup soon. Email us at with a link to a Facebook/IG/LinkdIn profile and/or a photo. We’ve got a fun idea for a future workout that might just be the tipping point.
  • As always, NPSUMMIT6 will be off the chain this year. Important deets: September 14-16 at The North Face Endurance Challenge Series Wisconsin (~45 min outside of Milwaukee). Check it out here.
  • read more

    “Phoenix is a Melting Pot. Literally. The Pots are Melting.”

    Well, shit. Summer’s here.

    Gone are the months of outdoor dining, spring training games, hiking, and awesomeness.

    Hello are the days of extreme heat warnings, driving with oven mitts, haboobs, and killer bee attacks.

    The only saving grace to the Arizona summers is the bond it forges among us. Honestly, there really isn’t anything else that binds Phoenicians together more than surviving the summer heat (and pool parties). read more

    Looking to the year ahead.


    • It’s going to be a great year!
    • We are organizing cheering stations for the half and full R&R marathon this weekend. Let us know if you are running or if you would like to join us!


    OH…The New Year. A time to celebrate the start of something new. A time for making new promises, and setting new goals. A time to start new friendships and try new things. A clean slate. A fresh start.


    As 2015 came to a close we had a chance to reflect upon what a wonderful year it was for us at NP Phoenix. It was a year of growing, and learning, of forming friendships, and trying new things. Sure, we made a few mistakes in our first year, but those bumps along the way were how we learned to be a better, stronger group of people.


    This week we are sitting down to discuss the coming year, and we’re excited to take what we’ve learned in 2015 to make 2016 even better.


    Here are 16 things we are excited about in 2016:


    Giving more hugs.


    Making the Phoenix tribe stronger, bigger, and faster.


    Seeing the sun again.


    Adding an official second day – Hill workouts here we come.


    Pushing each tribe member to new limits.


    Recruiting as many new members as humanly possible.


    Celebrating your accomplishments.


    Getting more involved in, and giving back to, our wonderful community.


    Our first birthday!


    Giving you more reasons to take pride in being a Phoenician.


    Working out together in the spring.


    Supporting our aspiring Iron men and women, our ultra-runners, and our Boston hopefuls who take on feats that only few people ever attempt.


    Getting 100 people to the workout


    Giving out the positivity award to the person who finally gets Dan Marjiele or Rose Mofford to a workout.


    Finding a photographer.


    The whole tribe scoring invites to Ais’s wedding.


    Peace, love and cacti,

    • Jackie




    And the Winner Is…

    After several weeks of dressing up our cactus as four different

    potential namesakes, the tribe has spoken on which name they like

    best. The winning name won in a landslide as more than half the tribe
    voted for this sucker. For those who were not at the workout yesterday
    the winner is…………WYATT EARP! read more

    When It Rains, It Pours

    So there I was on Monday evening running along with a group of my training partners underneath a beautifully clear sky without a care in the world when all of a sudden out of freaking nowhere a major Monsoon storm rolls up. Sure it was beautiful at first with the clouds creating a stunning sunset, but then… SHIT GOT REAL. We don’t like to do things half ass in Arizona and the Monsoon rain always follows suit, because when it rains in Arizona in doesn’t just sprinkle it pours.

    Per usual for the monsoon season the rain was coming down sideways and the wind was blowing down power lines and trees all over the valley. There was so much rain on Monday that we had a little flash flood action moving and shaking all the dirt and rocks in the wake. Unfortunately, our beloved Papago Park Amphitheater, which is built of rock and dirt and nestled into the Mountain, did not escape the storm’s wrath. When we rolled up this morning, there were trees and branches strewn across the steps and there was the remnants of an obvious river that had formed and run through the middle section of the stairs making it a bit more difficult to manage. I was worried it would slow down our second ever “Pony Express” PR workout times. read more

    Duel in the Desert

    “I climbed some stairs at Papago.  Just to watch them die.” -Rick

    There really isn’t anything more representative of The Wild West than a good old fashioned duel in the desert and there isn’t a duel more infamous in Arizona than that of The Gunfight at the OK Corral. So, in the true spirit of the American West and under the watchful eye of Wyatt Earp, the best-known frontier lawmen of the American West, the tribe dueled it out. 

    For our take on Race Man inspired by our boy Wyatt and The Gunfight at the OK Corral, the tribe was split into lawmen and outlaws. At high noon (aka 6 am) the tribe members “called out” an individual from the opposite side of the law for a duel to the top of the stairs. The winners went off to find their next victim and the losers went off for some pushups before returning to the battlefield. read more

    *Urgent: Please Read*

    Every year during the summer months, Arizona enters into what we call monsoon season. Monsoon season brings with it summer storms that can be visually spectacular. If you haven’t seen a lightning storm in Arizona you are missing out because they light up the sky. Last night’s storm was no different. The lightning show was breathtaking! But, these lightning strikes can be dangerous and the damaging winds that often accompany them can down trees and snap power lines.

    Yesterday’s storms left thousands without power! Winds were so intense in the East Valley that many of the planes at the airport were freaking flipped over by the wind. I still have ringing in my ears from all the weather warnings booming from everyone’s cell phones throughout the day warning us to take shelter and to avoid driving. read more

    The First Pony Express

    Today was awesome.

    It was #NP_PHX ‘s first PR workout and EVERYONE absolutely crushed it.

    I thought for sure it would be a ghost town this morning as it was well into the 90s by sunrise and schools started up again this week, but again the tribe proved me wrong. I don’t know why it hasn’t gotten through my thick skull that this group is CRAZY #weatherproof and isn’t even the least bit phased by excessive heat warnings or threats of being late to class. read more

    What’s In A Name?

    The tribe has spoken: The Saguaro needs a name.

    It has been decided that the Saguaro will be named after a famous Arizonan, native or transplant, that has done our state proud. We’ve narrowed down the huge (HUGE) list of super awesome people that have called Arizona home down to four categories- a suns legend, a politician, an outlaw, and an Olympian. And from that, one finalist from each category. read more