Fah Who Foraze

I don’t even know where to begin with regard to today’s workout. Perhaps describing the actual workout itself would be nice; or the smiling, bouncing faces that dotted the trails surrounding the buttes, awash in golden sunshine. But I should first probably address the stencil situation over the past two weeks.

My bad. We were supposed to tag some rainbows in celebration of PRIDE last week. I had everything together: stencils, gloves, masks, towels… I even knew that I had the right colors (ROYGBV) among my cache, so I didn’t need to look the night before. Meg even asked me to double-check, but in my hubris I wouldn’t hear it. “YES WE HAVE ALL OF THE COLORS I CHECKED NOW STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT,” I shouted at her, the words dripping with insolence. But Wednesday morning had other ideas, its sinister, Cheshiresque grin peering out from the shadows. I woke up, launched myself out of my bed, and floated down the stairs and to the garage. The cabinet doors, anticipating my arrival, creaked open as I approached. I flung them open to find… two colors. Two FUCKING colors – red and blue – and not a whole lot else. I deflated like a dancing tube guy from a shady car dealership, a defeated man trudging his way to a now less-awesome workout. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake this week, loading six fresh cans into the car last night and ensuring we had the full monty this morning so Jeremy could bang out some tremendous #grassrootsgear.

WI Notes

  • Let it be known that July 4 (our 3-YEAR ANNIVERSARY) is on a Wednesday. You actually won’t want to miss this, the BIGGEST EVENT of the year. Stay tuned for further details.
  • Everyone needs to find and call-out someone who should #justshowup soon. Email us at novemberprojectphx@gmail.com with a link to a Facebook/IG/LinkdIn profile and/or a photo. We’ve got a fun idea for a future workout that might just be the tipping point.
  • As always, NPSUMMIT6 will be off the chain this year. Important deets: September 14-16 at The North Face Endurance Challenge Series Wisconsin (~45 min outside of Milwaukee). Check it out here.

Vivacious. That’s the best word to describe our crew this morning. Jackie and I allowed you to partner up with your favorite human in the entire world, only to tear you apart like the Shakespearian tragedy in which the sea rips Howard Hughes from the futile, desperate grasp of Daisy Buchanan*. And yet you persisted, laughing and bouncing throughout the workout to mask the sting. And that’s what makes this tribe unique.

Isn’t it?

Now, don’t get me wrong – November Project [insert lesser city here] is great and all, but we lured you with the promise of spending time with your best friend, only to spring a diabolical trap and force you to run alone. And yet you sang through it, like the Whos of Whoville, even inventing some pretty awesome handshakes in the process. For that, I thank you: for taking the treachery in stride, and having a little fun early on a Wednesday morning. You’re beautiful and I love you.


*God, I’m sorry… I blacked out during a Leo binge again.

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