“Phoenix is a Melting Pot. Literally. The Pots are Melting.”

Well, shit. Summer’s here.

Gone are the months of outdoor dining, spring training games, hiking, and awesomeness.

Hello are the days of extreme heat warnings, driving with oven mitts, haboobs, and killer bee attacks.

The only saving grace to the Arizona summers is the bond it forges among us. Honestly, there really isn’t anything else that binds Phoenicians together more than surviving the summer heat (and pool parties).

Sure a lot of Phoenicians love hiking and running, but not everyone.

Yeah, we have shitty drivers, but have you been to Boston or Los Angeles lately? They are everywhere.

So what if our sports teams have a tradition of choking on the big stage.

Some people don’t even like sports and half of the people who live there still love their hometown teams anyway. Go home Cub’s fans!

The summer heat is the ONLY thing we ALL have in common and we LOVE to talk about it, and complain about it, every chance we get. It never gets old. Even Fast Annie has something to say about it and that girl never complains. If we each donated a dollar to the charity of your choosing each time we said the phrase “it’s hot” or “it’s fucking hot” we would be the most charitable state in the country.

On a serious note, it is surviving the summer heat that I am most concerned about when it comes to our tribe. This past weekend there were FOUR people who died in the excessive heat. All of whom were young and many of whom were prepared with plenty of water. I am proud of how our tribe demonstrates what it means to be #weatherproof and that our numbers continue to climb as the temperature climbs; however, I am even prouder that we have a tribe full of smart people who take water when they need it and a group that continue to be supportive of one another without pushing people past their limits in this extreme heat.

Friend help friend stay hydrated.
Friends help friends stay hydrated.


All of us are in these together. It doesn’t matter where you are from. We can all commiserate about the relentless heat, party at the same pools, and hope for future ahead of golf tournaments and spring training. We can do this. We are weatherproof.

Peace, love and cacti,



P.S. Don’t be stupid.


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