Crazy 8’s – 5280 >> NYC Style (DEN)

That’s right, I said it.  NP5280 >>NP-NYC.  As it turns out, both the 5280 AND NYC tribes did Crazy 8 workouts this morning.  Totally unscripted, unplanned, and unabashedly awesome.  Naturally, the 5280 workout was harder and more awesome than whatever Crazy 8 sit and be fit class Honerkamp, #PaulLeak, and JT came up with, but that’s fine.  They’ll do their thing, we’ll do ours.  They just happened to get to their workout first because someone decided the Earth should spin their direction instead of ours.

Why was ours more awesome?  Because we have fucking business cards!

Grassroots Business Cards
Grassroots Business Cards

THIS, my furry little friends, is when you know you’ve arriven (arrivaled?).  Corest of core members, Christine That’s Amoresano had these made up real nice for us to hand out at church functions, birthday parties of our friends’ bat-shit crazy 2-year olds, work, apartment buildings, coffee shops, first dates, last dates, and everything in between.

You guys crushed that Crazy 8 workout this morning!  Matthew and I are beginning to harness the power of outsourcing workouts and bounces to the tribe – mainly because you guys really know your shit and it’s fun!  Matthew actually used the word “outsourcing” and Rishabh made a joke about having his people plan our workouts.  We burpeed, jump lunged, Supernova Donkeyed (wtf?) our way through 45 minutes of high intensity ass kicking of New York’s geriatric water aerobics class.

Coach John and #PaulLeak
Coach John and #PaulLeak

You guys must think I really hate New York.  I don’t.  I love their tribe.  They’re fast as fuck, which is surprising considering you can only move so fast in water with a belly full of Metamucil.  We just happened to title our workouts the same exact thing on the same exact day.

Don’t Lose That Vibe.  Don’t Fake That Funk.

Major Wood


TONIGHT: Happy Hour @ ACE – Tables reserved from 7-8, arrive earlier if you want to play!

FRIDAY: Little Man Ice Cream Hill @ Hirshorn Park (3000 Tejon St.)

July 6th: Yearbook Photos

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