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“We are live in 5…4…3…()…()…”



Goooood morning Phoenix! I’m Phil Xander, and this blonde bombshell to my left is Nancy Powinski. Welcome to Fine Fresh Phoenix on AZ3: The Only News You Need In Your Feed™.


(forced chuckle) Thank you, Phil. Our lead story today, the excessive heat warning remains in effect— read more

“Phoenix is a Melting Pot. Literally. The Pots are Melting.”

Well, shit. Summer’s here.

Gone are the months of outdoor dining, spring training games, hiking, and awesomeness.

Hello are the days of extreme heat warnings, driving with oven mitts, haboobs, and killer bee attacks.

The only saving grace to the Arizona summers is the bond it forges among us. Honestly, there really isn’t anything else that binds Phoenicians together more than surviving the summer heat (and pool parties). read more