And the Winner Is…

After several weeks of dressing up our cactus as four different

potential namesakes, the tribe has spoken on which name they like

best. The winning name won in a landslide as more than half the tribe
voted for this sucker. For those who were not at the workout yesterday
the winner is…………WYATT EARP!

Wyatt Earp

There really isn’t anyone better suited to represent the Wild Wild
West. The dude was part lawman – part myth with a moustache that just
didn’t quit. He was a real live gun-slinging hero, shooting up cowboys
at the OK Corral and making a name for himself. Our Duel in the Desert
workout inspired by Wyatt was an instant classic proving his force
resonated with the tribe. It seemed like the tribe was pretty pumped.

The day was exciting already, but the addition of the photographer
that Phoenix Magazine sent out to shoot some sweet photos made the day
even better. Seems fitting that they are planning to feature November
Project in the November Issue. I’m certain that he was able to grab
some pretty sweet shots as the tribe was once again on point.


Speaking of on point, Jesus killed it today and was awarded the
Crushing It award by fellow tribe member Lola.

In other news:

Given the tribe’s clear love for Wyatt and the Wild West we decided to
incorporate that into our yearbook photos which have been completed
and will be up shortly for your viewing pleasure.


Peace, love and cacti,


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