Bringing back the blog

Winnipeg Notes:
-weekly blog coming back
-Virtual viewing party with Paddy
-Sunrise 6K, Wednesday April 29

Hello, out there, it’s me Megan. Well, it’s been over a month since we’ve been living this new reality and we’re slowly finding our new normal. In the hopes of preserving some familiar routines (and because I don’t know who I am, if I’m not of service to people, kidding-not kidding) I am bringing back the blog and will be publishing a new blog every Sunday. We are going to keep things positive and upbeat, I will have a weekly recap, request and challenge.

Weekly recap: this week we had a virtual viewing party of the short film Coming Home, made by the lads at Dooster and featuring former NPSF leader Paddy. We all hopped on zoom, pressed play at the same time, and tuned back into zoom at the end, to find that Derek had arranged for Paddy himself on the zoom call. It was a great way to spend an hour and yes, both Sarah Shimoj and I fully fangirled when we saw Paddy was on the call. Thanks to all who joined the viewing and thanks to D for setting up the surprise. Check the film out here:

We had two great zoom workouts, lead by our man Willie ‘OH YEAH’ Mac, join in next week. Or we challenge you to do the workout on you own at whatever time works for you and tag us, if you make any content about it.

Weekly request(s):
1. Please send me any funny, cute, touching, generous or heartwarming things that you saw, did or received in the last week, so I can include some positive stories from our community on next weeks blog! (You can message NP Winnipeg on FB or insta or message me Megan, if you have any form to contact me)
2. Please send us a picture or tag us on your next solo run. We’d love to make a collage of your #runbyyourselfie pics.

Weekly challenge:
Go do the #covid19minutesofstairs challenge. What you need to do is, find a set of stairs and run up and then down them, on repeat for 19 minutes. Taking a time lapse video of your effort is also trending, and if you’re not one to post on the social media’s please message us to tell us that you completed it, so we can include you in our count. So far 13 Winnipeggers have completed the challenge! Big ups to: Derek, Evan, Karly, Marty, Megan, Mauricio, Dom, Marina, Janet, Lexie, Yvette, Wilton and Jasmine. The challenge has been thrown down, who’s up next?!

Upcoming events:
-We’re starting a weekly Happy Half Hour on zoom, Friday’s 5:00pm we’re gonna meet up and check in for 30 min, see you there!
-Thursday’s were gonna have a weekly ‘Meet the Members’ instagram post, stay tuned!
-Wednesday, April 29th, there is a global NP Sunrise 6K, you have to start your run within 10 minutes of sunrise and you have to upload your run to Strava to be eligible to win, more details to come.

Send me your stories, selfies and tag us in your content.
Stay safe and run happy.
-Chipper M

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