Y’All Good?

I miss hearing your collective response to that questions three times a week!

My responses have been mixed over the last couple of weeks. I am sure many of you may be feeling similar. There have been days when it has been pretty easy to get outside and run and others where I procrastinate so long that my intended morning workout turns into a 4-hour puzzle marathon.

What I know is that I always feel better after I move my body. That’s what’s helping me during the harder days, those days when I can’t confidently answer a whole-hearted “Fuck Yeah” when asked,Y’all good?

While I find myself on my phone more often these days, it is through your sharing that I find the motivation to sweat solo. It feels a little less lonely when I know you’re also completing Monday decks, NP Global Workouts on Wednesdays, and cardio with some spice on Fridays. The posts you share hold me accountable and I suspect they do the same for others. I loved seeing all of the virtual high 5s from today’s leg burner workout designed by NP Ottawa’s Lauren and Liz. Keep all of those NP_Continues posts coming!!

Also, I’ve been loving the NP Social FB page birthday booms. They make my heart smile!

How are you holding yourself accountable to keep moving? What’s motivating you? Who’s helping you from afar?


  • NP Canada #NP_Continues Workouts on Mondays and Fridays – posted on twitter and IG stories
  • NP Global #NP_Continues Workouts on Wednesdays – posted by November Project and by NP Canada
  • NP Virtual Traverbal Workouts – Here’s a link to the virtual workout calendar

Until next time…SMILE! J

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