The Best of Sunrise 6K by November Project


– Why “The Best Of Sunrise 6k”

– On April 29, we are doing a 1 day, Sunrise 6K race challenge on Strava

– The story you tell about your 6k run/walk is our main focus – The “Top 10 Best Of” winners will get laced up by Brooks Running

– Your attempt must be within 10 minutes of the sunrise in your particular city

– Our goal is to virtually connect with people with movement at dawn 

– For the challenge on Strava or to sign up CLICK HERE



We miss you and need to get the entire group, all 52 cities, chasing the exact same moment, the exact same sunrise! What if there was a way to all run as one, in a storytelling contest that is entered by completing your 6K during your sunrise. Next Wednesday, the last Wednesday of this month, we’re inviting as many of you from around the world to get out and experience your sunrise. The Best Of Sunrise 6K will be a tracked 6000M run/jog/walk of your choice, done to share your story, not just your time.  


The Start or The Finish of your 6K attempt must take place within 10 minutes of sunrise in your region. Look up your preferred app or website to find out when this is. Record your attempt in Strava. After you submit your entry, you’ll receive an email where we’ll ask you to describe your run. You’ll have the opportunity to write about what made this run unique/interesting/fast/slow/creative or whatever it might be. You will be judged based on the run description and not your time. If you live in an area where running outside is not allowed, discouraged, or you’re just not comfortable, get creative with your course (around the coffee table, on the rooftop, in the hallway), and please obey the rules of social distancing. The Top 10 winners in the categories of our choosing will get laced up by our sponsors at Brooks Running. Do something different, new, creative, or interesting, dedicate this run to something or someone, or just make us smile, and your chances of being one of the winners will exponentially increase. 


We’re connecting with Strava to have this official challenge recorded on their tracking system, which is a platform created to track all your physical endeavors throughout the day, and can be accessed on your phone via the app or on your desktop. If you’re new to the platform, this link will take you there, help you get set up, and take you directly to The Best Of Sunrise 6K Challenge. You’ll use a GPS watch OR hold your phone with Strava open to record your 6K and upload it to Strava. You will then receive a badge to signify the completion of your challenge and an email prompting you to send us the description of your run. If you don’t have a smartphone or GPS watch, you can still join and enter your attempt manually on your desktop, and we’ll trust that you actually did it. Please make your account settings to “public” for this activity so that we can view your submission. If you don’t want to create an account you can join for just this challenge by filling out this form.


Some of our most memorable physical accomplishments may not have been personal records or the most successful attempts. Through these tense times, our goal is to celebrate the privilege of being able to move and create a connection with our fellow humans. If you drop any social media postings, please include #NP_Continues and #RunHappy to inspire new friends to join in what you’re doing. And don’t forget, this is a story contest with a side of running. Be safe and wash your hands. 

Design, Vision, & Passion by Co-Leaders of NP Boston, Emily & Chris. Thank you both for igniting this idea and helping bring it to life.

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  1. Setting my alarms, charging my Garmin and recharging my soul. This will be nice to rise with the world.

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