Cement Castle Wonderland Homecoming

Be a Cement Castle

Winnipeg Notes
– Cement Castle PR Day
– Summit 7
– Summit 8 HYPE
– Christmas Party December 12th
– Koats for Kids 3 Wednesdays in December
– Carmen receives Positivity Award

What a morning! You all crushed the very first PR Day back in our winter home, The Cement Castle Wonderland. As Megan mentioned this morning, it’s absolutely heart-warming to see such big numbers on PR Days. We are so glad you are all here. Keep on keeping each other accountable. Winnipeg Is GOOD.

Also can we just take a quick moment to be thankful for our new BoomBox? I could hear that thing no matter where I was on the levels this morning, what a difference it makes!

Workout? Free. Smiles? Also Free

Last weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Las Vegas for the 7th November Project Summit which was planned around the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon. It was a FANTASTIC weekend! I won’t go into a whole recap but the main takeaways were; hanging out with hundreds of like-minded, fun, welcoming people tends to bring unmeasurable energy to a city, Kesha has GREAT stage energy, NP Cheer stations are so intense they will make you tear up as you are racing and this massive global movement is fostering some of the most genuine, real human connections I’ve ever witnessed. This shit is good.

Saturday Mornings NP Summit Workout – Photo by Jody Bailey
November Project Cheer Station at Mile 8.8 – Photo by Jody Bailey

Summit 8 has already been announced for next year and will be in Minneapolis for the Twin Cities Marathon on October 3rd. Minneapolis is our closest NP City, it would be unreal to see a huge crew from our city out at this event. We all have ten months notice to make sure we have a day or two off work, sign up for one of the many races, get our cheer gear together, work out car pooling and accommodations. Let’s show up and remind everyone who is from the north!

A small portion of the NP Dallas crew, all in matching shorts! – Photo by Jody Bailey.

This year there were over 60 members from November Project Dallas, let’s all go visit our neighbours and challenge Dallas for the city with the biggest turnout!

Last years Christmas Bonspiel!

Christmas Party has been announced for Thursday, December 12th at Le Garage on Provencher. https://www.facebook.com/events/1134947980185793/?notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_id=1574877816464815 Click on the link for the Facebook event! Show up in big numbers, wear your sweater that I know you’ve been saving all year and be merry!

Winter is here – for everyone, lets donate some warm gear to Koats for Kids

We will be collecting gently used winter gear for Koats for Kids with United Way Winnipeg for the next three Wednesdays. December 4th, 11th and 18th. Here is a list of items they are in high need of:
– Boys winter coats, sizes 4 to 16
– Girls winter coats sizes 3 to 6
– Waterproof mittens, larger sizes
– Ski pants, all sizes

If you have any questions about what to donate please reach out to me (Yvette).

Carmen, we are so glad you’re here!

This morning the Positivity Award was handed to Carmen. Carmen has been a part of the November Project Community for quite some time, always showing up in adverse conditions – downpour for the Scramble, but also when most people may decide to stay home with a cracked rib she was still coming out and crushing workouts! She’s a constant in our NP Family, at workout and social events alike. Thanks for being here Carmen!

Just some badass women at the last NP Scramble!

That’s it, that’s all!
The sun is out, have a great week folks!
– YP

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