Big Thanks (BOS)

It almost seems cheesy or cliche to write a blog about gratitude and thankfulness the day before Thanksgiving. But then again, if now isn’t a good time for it, then when the heck is?

Today seems like a good opportunity to say thank you to the November Project community for being so good. You keep showing up. You keep working hard and you keep pushing yourselves to be better, fitter, faster, happier humans. You share those high fives and hugs, you look at strangers and old friends and you tell them you’re glad they’re here. You listen to people tell you how much you matter, and you might avoid it, but somewhere in you, you take that in and notice how good it feels to be amidst the bigger crowd & community. Thank you for realizing that not only does it matter that other people show up, because it helps you be accountable, but it matters that YOU are here. Thank you for mattering.

Thank you for noticing each other–for recognizing when someone is down, or struggling, or just needs a little support. Thank you for remembering that even when shit gets messy in life, there are people around you in this community who will be there for you.

Thank you for committing yourself to fitness, for choosing movement, and for choosing to show up even on days when it might be really hard to do so. Thanks for being a little weird, for embracing the fun and the costumes and funny noises and bounces and group photos.

And you know who else we’re super grateful for? All those people who make getting up for, and showing up to NP possible. How many of you have people who don’t go to NP but who help make it happen for YOU?! Spouses who hold down the home front and care for kids and themselves, while you go get some free fitness with the NP community? Who has friends or roommates who tolerate early morning alarms, the noise, and the not-sleeping-until-normal-hours behavior? There are so many other people who make you going to NP possible, now is a really good time to say thank you for all the ways–big and small–that those people support, help, and even sometimes “force” strongly remind us to get what we need from NP, all year round.

Which brings me to a big thank you, to my new husband, Sean. He’s THE person who has my back all throughout the week and the whole year long, who doesn’t go to NP workouts but who is more dialed into what NP is doing in Boston than anyone else. He encourages me to get up, even on the days I don’t want to. He reminds me of the value of me going. He supports what NP_BOS is for everyone else, even when he’d probably be happier with a little less NP and more time with his wife. There are aspects that he tolerates and other things that he loves about NP, but he doesn’t lose sight of why it’s so darn important to me–and this is a priceless gift. He didn’t have much of a choice about NP when he met me, but he’s made a choice to support me as I support NP in Boston, and that doesn’t go unrecognized. I appreciate you Sean, I’m grateful that you are not only in my life, but that you make me a better leader of NP for Boston. You challenge me to ask better questions, to be more intentional, and to strive for the best I can offer and the best NP can be for our community. And I couldn’t do this without you.

(and if that’s in any way a cue for you to send some gratitude toward those who make your NP world possible, please let them know…they need to hear it!)

Look around you, both at workouts and outside of it, and really look for the myriad ways the networks, communities, accountabilibuddies, and families of people support you. We don’t do this thing called life alone, and whether it’s working out or other parts of life, it’s essential that we not only receive the support, but that we acknowledge and appreciate it.

We appreciate you, NP_BOS community. So very much. We see you, we’re glad you’re here, and we value everyone who helps you to be a member of this bigger NP community.


FRIDAY 11/29 at 6:29am for the Summit Ave hills workout. Meet at Corey Hill Outlook Park, and run some hills with NP. Guest co-leader family Erika, Eric, Lightening Girl, Freya, & Sylvie. It’ll be amazing.

MONDAY 12/2 at 6:29am for #DestinationDeck at Hall’s Pond Sanctuary in Brookline.

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