Being Thankful (VB)

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. There’s nothing better. What other day of the year are you surrounded by family, eating all the delicious food you can stomach, AND football is on all day!? It’s my own personal heaven. In recent years, my favorite holiday has improved by the addition of “Friendsgiving”. It’s all the great things about Thanksgiving, but instead you surround yourself with friends who feel like family.

NP_VB’s Friendsgiving, look at all the food and happy faces!

This past Sunday, November Project Virginia Beach had our annual Friendsgiving event. Obviously, I was overjoyed. The table was packed with food and the house was packed with friends. We filled every room in the house as we sat down to eat, talk, and simply enjoy each other’s company. One of our newest members Bethanie said “…crazy how working out before dawn can bring so many people together.” It’s true. There’s a special bond formed on those cold dark morning workouts. You don’t always realize how rare and unique it is, until it’s sitting all around you. It’s moments like this (among many many others) that make me so very thankful for November Project. It’s so easy to get caught up in the burpees, the races, the bounces and forget to stop simply enjoy it.

That’s the actual reason I love Thanksgiving so much. It’s the one day every year we’re forced to think about all the things we are thankful for. We’re reminded to stop, look at our lives, and appreciate all the things we would normally take for granted. Recently, Amelia Boone (Spartan World Champion and Ultra Runner) started taking time every morning to write 10 things she’s grateful for. They aren’t all profoundly deep or life changing. Sometimes they’re as small as “warm socks” or “running in the rain”.

So here’s my challenge to you, as we leave behind Thanksgiving and head into the holiday season, don’t forget all the things your thankful for. Start each day with a gratitude list. It doesn’t have to be 10 things, maybe some days it’s as small as 3, but find a something every day to appreciate.

Here, I’ll start.

Cory’s Gratitude List 11/27/19:

  1. Mashed Potatoes
  2. Shorts running weather
  3. Almond Milk in my coffee
  4. My dog, Bailey, cuddling with me on the couch
  5. Brogan, Bojan & Laura for starting and continuing to maintain this amazing movement.
  6. Thanksgiving football games with friends
  7. Jill, for being my partner in crime.
  8. My home crew of Virginia Beach, for showing up every Wednesday and Friday and being my family away from home.
  9. Bernard, who is such an all around great human, you were the reason I wanted to become a leader.
  10. My husband Jimmy. Who will probably never read this blog or ever show up to a workout, but always gives me his unwavering support. Thank you for understanding how much this means to me, even if you don’t understand why it has to be at 6am.
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