Counting on (Ottawa)

This mornings workout was comprised of 3 moving parts. The first, being a run down to the gate and back up the hill. The second, a burpee step up with a clap over the head and the third, a Toulouse side swivel. The intention of this workout like all other Wednesday mornings was to have members of various teams connect with one another. Whether that was by handing out some high fives along your way down to the gate, chatting as you took over the burpee step up or having a laugh with your teammate as they did their very best side swivel. You had the opportunity to push yourself and those surrounding you harder. The workouts are designed so YOU can challenge yourself in any capacity and yes we design them with the intention that you will probably run faster if you know someone has to complete copious attempted, amounts of side swivels or burpee step up and claps over the head. I’m not too sure about you, but I know that I ran faster today up that hill knowing that one of my teammates was just swivelling from left to right waiting for me to relieve them. Holding your teammates accountable by accumulating burpees as you go, collectively allows you to push just a little bit harder. If your team is at 80, are you going to meander through 14 burpees, or are you really going to push to finish 100 before you run down the hill? It’s the little things, done over and over, that make us better.

This is a test paragraph- if you have made it this far in the blog, you are now in the running for a new pair of socks, courtesy of Brooks/November Project/ Rebecca who attending NPSummit7.0 this past weekend in Las Vegas. You are in the running, but you will only qualify to win if you send November Project a message. First two people who message us will get this pair of socks next week. Facebook or instagram message works. It’s always neat to learn who reads the blog, who is waiting for it to come out at 8/9/10am.

Finally, what I would like to share about this morning and most winter mornings at November Project Ottawa would be a shout out to those who continue to see the value of Wednesday mornings even as the temps continue to drop. The community just gets hotter. I don’t mean that literally but then again, I kind of do. You get pretty warm under those layers when you get your body moving. The group does have a tendency to decerease in size as the mornings tend to become darker. That’s why it’s even more badass when you bring a friend, and so exciting for the group when their first time is a cold December morning. Do not be fooled this is not a negative nor am I being pessimistic why it’s simply a chance for those who continue to show up, embrace Ottawa’s weather and each other.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. On December 25th at the Aberdeen Pavilion we are hosting a Street Hockey game find more details about the event here:
  2. Next week, we are at the Supreme Court- 6:29am
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