2020, Ya'll Good??

Winterpeg notes:

  • Positivity goes to Leaslie
  • Great Skate February 2nd
  • Remember and Reflect 2019 edition

First off, Happy New Year!!! We rang in 2020 with a wicked and weird workout. (We actually had 20 people show up so if that’s not 2020 then I don’t know what is). The positivity award was well deserved by the one and only Leaslie!! Even after working a double shift and coming straight to NP she still shows with a contagious smile and a bounce in her step. The positivity award means so many different things to so many different people and shows up when ya need it (small harry potter reference). So Leaslie we challenge you to answer the question “What does the Positivity Award mean to you?”. Leaslie you are fast, you are fit, you are strong. We are glad you’re here and we couldn’t be more proud that you call NP-YWG home.

Insert blurry iPhone picture

Next up we got The Great Skate 5.0 hype!! We’ve all heard the phrase “The show must go on!!”. But have we ever heard the saying “The Great Skate 5.0 fundraiser for The Dream Factory and all things awesome where even if we don’t get the gift of a super long river trail then we will still be hosting a wicked awesome relay event because who really needs the worlds longest skating trail to raise money for a great cause and go skating outside as fast as we can on a trail that is on land and pretty super cool.” So please go sign up and support the good cause. https://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=22774&lan=1&cartlevel=1

Now for the reflecting of 2019. A New Year really is just another end of timeline and beginning of another. This gives us the opportunity to reflect, evaluate and grow from the past year but it’s really no different then the end of a month, week or day. Being able to review and grow from every experience, good or bad, that happened during that timeline is apparently pretty healthy for the brain. Ask yourself 3 questions:

  • “How did I feel”
  • “What did I learn?”
  • “What do I have to look forward to tomorrow/next week/this decade??!!”

Whenever I ask myself these three questions three, the next day/week/century is always a little bit better. So we challenge you to ask away in your brain or even right them down.

Anyways! I won a PS4 last night at a social so I’m going to end off my vacation with playing 5 hours of Call of Duty.

Best Regards


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