Bring On That Perfect 20/20 (BOS)

Bye 2019.

Bring on 2020.

I think all the references that create double meaning by relating the number of our new year on the calendar (2020) and the idea that our life focus going forward into the new year will be perfect (20/20 or “perfect” vision), or that we now have the capacity to look back with supreme perspective (hindsight is 20/20)…it’s all cute. It’s clever and you can definitely use this 20/20 measure of ocular acuity to create a little more meaning or depth to the common “look back, look forward” kind of practices that tend to happen around New Year’s. And heck, when you can do something more clever with the year than simply make NYE glasses that have eye-holes that fit in the numbers, let’s go with it.

This morning at the amazingly perfect and beautiful stadium in Allston, we went with it too. Not only did a crew of you show up at 5:30 and 6:30 for workouts, you brought the New Year vibe and the hype of choosing this crazy shit as the first first thing you do this whole year. You came because it matters to you. You came because it’s a holiday and you could. You came to experience movement…outdoors. You came for each other. You came for yourselves. You came because you always do. You came because you never have before. You came because who does this?! You came because you do this. Maybe the people in your life love you more for it, or they possibly think you’re officially bonkers. But you don’t care about that, because you didn’t show up just because of what others will or won’t think. You showed up because today has at least a little significance in how you want to start the year. Your year. And by showing up, you sent a message to all those others and to yourself about what you’re willing to do, even on the day of the year when everyone stayed up really late and expects to sleep in one more time before heading back to work, school, or the normal lifey things. You chose to focus in on movement–free, outside, fun, fierce AF, community-built movement. And now that the workout is done, you probably have clear and perfect hindsight of how good that was. That hindsight helps create even clearer intention and vision for days and months to come, to keep you moving in the direction you want to be going. 20/20 vision forward. 20/20 hindsight. 2020.

And our workout just drove home the point: the 20/20 Vision workout included 20 sections out, 20 sections back. But on the 20 going out, you also did 20 reps of either squats or pushups (or alternating/combo of both) on every section. Then, on the way back…no extra shit, just straight-up stairs.

Seems simple enough, right?

But when it came to doing it? Pfffffffff, that shit was hard. For anyone who reached that turn-around point, you realized how freaking happy you were to just be climbing stairs! And when are you ever like, “yesssss, just stairs!”

Now think about that whole 20/20 vision double meaning thing. How you can see the workout perfectly, you get it, you’ve got this, eyes are wide open. But then, even with a super clear vision at the start, most things don’t go quite how you expect and things can feel really difficult to see so clearly when you’re deep in the middle of them. And if you hang in there, you usually get through far enough to gain a new perspective, as if you’ve done enough hard stuff you can see the other side and even appreciate how differently difficult the other side is, because it’s not what it used to be anymore. You might even come to value how much the difficult parts offer, because they change you in ways you couldn’t have seen before, but now you do. And especially when you get to the end, (thankfully in workouts there is an “end”) you can revel in all the parts, you can recollect yourself, and you can reflect on what you now see with a newly focused lens, formed from your experience.

That’s a lot of meaning from something so simple as climbing up and down stairs together early in the morning on New Year’s Day. But why not dig into today, as well as any and every day with the same sense of opportunity, the same hunger for meaning and purpose, and the same desire for worthwhile experiences to emerge from each workout, as well as each day of life. Why the hell not?!

I see you 2020. We all see you. Bring on 2020.

Keep changing the world, my friends. I’ll keep writing and reflecting over here, you keep showing up and we’ll all be better for it.

5:30 crew this morning


THIS WEEK: See you Friday (Jan 3) at the top of Summit Ave. 6:29am.

NEXT FRIDAY: Jan 10 is the next in the Winter WOahMAN Series. Read more in the “Details for WOahMAN” in this blog.

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