So began 2020 (Ottawa)

It was another Wednesday morning, another morning at November Project. It could have been just the same as every other morning. But somehow it was more than that. Starting our day, the decade, 2020, with human connection. There may be some exceptions, but everyone I spoke to had rang in the new year just 6.5 hours prior, wherever New Years Eve plans took each person. If that is the case, likelihood is, those individuals didn’t go to sleep at 12:01. And likelihood is, nobody woke back up at 6:28 to make it in time to meet at the spider at 6:29. In and around the 3-4 hour timeframe of sleep is likely what most people got who showed up this morning.

You prioritized showing up this morning, and perhaps it wasn’t a tough call because that’s what you do every Wednesday, when the decision has already been made. Commitment and consistency trumped the wavering around the decision making. Or you may have had to grind to show up, but you still prioritized it no matter what. Whatever camp you fall into, it’s incredibly special to be starting 2020 surrounded by people who bring you up, who elevate you, who smile and hug you when you see them. The decision to make the most of our morning, our day, our year, we have a community to help us do that. Every single week, no matter what.

To a morning that was just like another morning, but so much more than that. Thank you for sharing your new year, your morning, your energy, your hugs with us.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together and to another year of Wednesday mornings in 2020

November Project world recap of 2019:

Liz and Lauren


  1. NEXT WEEK, bridge month continues- Meeting at the Flora Bridge
  2. Go spread positivity to your interactions, you have so much to give.
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