2020 – Bring It On (YEG)

That’s it, a new decade, a new year, a new day, and another NP workout. You’ve taken the first step into your new year and I would argue that you took the best one you could have – right up RG stairs. Regardless of your goals in this new year, physical or mental, I know that we’ll take some of them on together and honestly because of that I know that nothing is going to stop this year from being awesome.

Little did you know that when your arrived this morning we’d be spinning around 20 times in the bounce, who could have guessed that you’d do 40 reps of exercises (20+20), or really could you have imagined that you’d get the best high five you’ll have all day. You put in the work and after all that you darn well deserve congratulations. You chose to show up for yourself and for your community, making our collective day all the more special. Thank you

Across all 52 cities this morning 2020 was kicked off with someone receiving the positivity award. Collectively bringing up our communities and making someones day. This morning Balkar got that oar handle. The man needs little introduction but I am constantly amazed by his dedication and drive towards finding a balance between health and fitness. He is someone I can count on seeing at a workout and always having a smile on his face. This award was well deserved.

Sadly nothing was in the bag but #JustShowUp on Friday to play again.

As you go about your day thinking about all of the things you’ve done this past year and all of the things that you will do this year take a peak at another blog from NP HQ as they go over all of the NP milestones of 2019 (including a YEG shout-out).

November Project world recap of 2019: https://november-project.com/2019-at-a-glance/

Keep being awesome,



Friday – Walterdale hill

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