Gin Riot Preview + Guest Blog Love

Happy 2020 y’all!! If you’ve been on a hiatus, a hibernation, or just have earplugs in when we shout at you at the end of a workout, here’s what you’ve missed:

2020, A Change in Direction. With Rash Field under construction, we making moves around Baltimore this year and hosting our regularly scheduled Wednesday workouts at a new location every 3 months. Our first “quarter” (Jan through March) will be held at trusty old Federal Hill! Second through fourth quarters are still slightly TBD but you can expect a location in the West, North, and East regions of the city! Regardless of location we will always host a 5:30 and a 6:30a workout!

THE GIN RIOT IS BACK. Third year, third attempt to make this one of the best events of the year!!! For a little history on the event, visit an oldie but goodie:

GIN RIOT NTK: Sunday, January 26 @ 5pm (YOU READ THAT RIGHT — that’s a PM!) gathering at Rash Field for bibs and instructions. Race goes off shortly after from Rash –> Patterson Park (course embedded in blog above). After party will be at Johnny Rads! There will be gin prizes, gin cocktails, beer, food, BROOKS SWAG, and more goodies! Don’t miss this magical night.

And now…DRUMROLL. A few (amazing) words by one of our steadfast hype queens, Julianne. She said these words spilled out of her the other night, and we are just tickled that she thinks as highly of this community as we think of her! If you don’t know her, please get to know her. She is a ball of excitement, a fabulous friend, and an amazing beer drinker (cc: Mahaffey’s Pub Top Beer Drinker, officially #3, but #1 in our hearts) Julianne… take it away!

Three years ago, on the last Wednesday of the year, I made a decision that would change my life drastically.

Background – I work in downtown Baltimore and typically walk along the promenade to the office. I’d seen this group running around at the same time as my daily walk and wondered who I had to pay to join in. By some magic, I stumbled across an article that mentioned the November Project and wondered if that could be what I was witnessing. A week earlier, I found the courage to walk over and ask if they were in fact the November Project. With affirmation now firmly in my grasp, I made the decision to wear workout clothes the next week and join in.

The life changing day – I should start this part by explaining that I don’t like to be cold. My friends regularly post “hilarious” memes to my Facebook page about “that always cold friend”. I can’t for the life of me put my finger on what made me commit to an outdoor workout in December. But, there I was…at 6:30a…on a cold Mid-Atlantic Wednesday. As I’m standing under the pavilion, freezing cold, and wondering what I’d gotten myself into, the music started and everyone began to circle up and bounce. That bounce that changed my life. You know what happened next…the hand hugs!…the actually hugs by strangers (note: I do NOT come from huggers)!..and finally, the workout. Turns out it was the dreaded PR day, but I couldn’t have been happier to be there.

Fast forward to today – The cold is less cold. The hugs are tighter. The PR day is harder! The once-strangers are now friends, roommates, supporters. I’ve been privileged to babysit this crew of amazing humans and share my silliness-turned-fitness with them. My presence has been rewarded with with the positivity oar! By simply choosing to #justshowup one day, I was not only welcomed into but made an integral part of (as it turns out we ALL are) a community with wide, generous, and encouraging arms.

Future – Who knows…life is a fickle, ever-changing thing. But without question or reservation, I know that NP will always be a part of my life. I will see you on a race course and cheer you all the way to the finish and maybe learn your name. But if I don’t, know that you made as much (probably more) of an impact on me as I may have made on you. I love you guys. Bring it on 2020!

x’s and boh’s


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