First Friday (BOS)

On this very first Friday of 2020, we met at the top of Summit Ave, as we usually do, and today we ran Indiana Jones. This is the workout where we get into groups of 6-8 people and run down the hill together in a group, then on the uphill, we line up, single-file and run just slower than normal up the hill. And the last person in the line sprints up to the front of the line, puts their hand up to indicate they’ve settled in, and the new last person in line repeats the process…and so on and so on, all the way up the hill. Repeat the down as a group, and up in a line again and again until 7:20am.

If you think Indiana Jones was hard because you did it this morning, you were right, and it’s the perfect kind of difficult to experience to start the year because yeah, it’s hard but you’re working with a team, a group, a handful of humans who are busting their butts just like you to keep running–to stay with the group–to sprint to the front–to just not die (even though everyone everyone thinks they might). And if you are reading this blog but didn’t join us for the workout, you might think, “ooooh that sounds like too much, I can’t/shouldn’t/don’t want to do that…” well stop that kind of thinking right now. Please. It is hard–and everyone gets to be in the group that works best for them–all the way from the fasty fast fast group to the walky walk walk group and everything in between. And it is EXACTLY the kind of thing that gets us all out of our comfort zone and into some new space of “what if” and “wow, look at what I just managed to do” and “I’d never do that by myself.”

And that’s what November Project is.

So today was the first Friday of the year. And it might have been your first Friday with NP of the year, or maybe it wasn’t. But whoever you are, just know that we want you to #justshowup and experience all the fun, all the challenge, and all the things that can absolutely help make you a fitter, faster, healthier, happier, more connected human than you’ve been — any of the days we workout, let that be your first. And please don’t let it be your last. Keep showing up, even when it’s hard or you’re just not feeling it, because you definitely won’t regret it. It’s why we’re here.

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See you Monday at Boston Landing for the 6:29am workout right HERE on a map.

Next Friday 1/10 is the next Winter WOahMAN of our series. Starts at 5am at the top of the hill where we were today. All the other good info/details about WOahMAN is in the details section of this blog.

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