How do you want to feel? (YEG)

Over the last few days, Rob (my husband) and I have been reflecting on last year and looking towards 2020. We are looking forward to some family adventures, our weekly Earls date nights, continuing our fitness goals, sharing family dinners, reading more often, and striving to be more present and off our phones (this one is mostly for me 😉).

As we talked about all of what we were excited for and began listing them I found myself noticing a pattern. While the goals/intentions were for different areas in my life and quite varied, each “thing” I wanted to focus on seemed attached to a feeling I wanted to embrace this year. As I looked at the list I saw everything I listed really came down to feeling the following: joy, love, connected, and energized.

I rewrote my 2020 list and instead of focussing on all of the things, I chose to focus on how I wanted to feel. It is the bigger picture, the measure I will use to guide decisions, asking myself, what will this bring into my life? Here’s where I landed:

In 2020 I choose to do things, be places, and surround myself with people who bring joy, connection, love, and positive energy into my life

As you read this, what’s popping up for you? Maybe you can see some patterns in the goals/hopes you’ve set for 2020. Maybe unlike me, you focussed on feelings right from the start? Either way, I’m guessing that your choice to join us in the mornings is filling up your bucket in one way or the other and I am glad we can be there to do that for you!

As I think about showing up this morning; surrounding myself with positive people, moving my body, sharing in community, all of it hits what I want to feel all year!! For everyone who showed up this morning and kicked off the first Friday of 2020 with November Project and Walterdale Hill – kudos! You are awesome!!

You know what else is awesome…”What’s in the bag?” And today there were buttons!! Congrats to everyone who earned a button today for choosing to #justshowup.

#justshowup 6 AM

January is bridge month which means each Monday in January the workout will be held on a bridge.

  • Monday – West end of Dawson Bridge
  • Wednesday -Royal Glenora Stairs
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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