2020 Vision

There’s a meme that says “be the person your dog thinks you are.” I don’t have a dog, but almost everyone I know can attest that I will always stop to pet someone else’s dog. So there’s a 5 second window where random dog has to decide “good person or bad person?”

And I’d say a good 95% of the time, it’s a positive experience. And that’s the kind of energy I think is the most important to take with you in the new year, the new decade. Be the person that the people around you love you, and you love the people around you. But be so damn good that the people you don’t know yet are drawn to you, and be drawn to people like that. Make change in the world for the better. Set your resolutions to be the best possible human being you can. That’s my resolution for this year, and beyond.

We asked the members of the November Project Providence community what their resolutions were for the year, and honestly, I’m so inspired by each and every one of you – whether you told me your resolution in person, or sent it to me for this blog.

By memorializing them, we get to make sure you’re following through with them, and keeping you accountable. Some, they’ll be easy. Kerri Cosgrove wrote and said her first resolution was “to be the best Nana to beautiful baby Temi Rose…” and I don’t see a universe where anything but that happens. That little baby is going to be so loved that it just warms my heart. Kerri’s other resolutions are pretty tremendous, too: Stay healthy, have more long fun runs, and take 10 mins of my half time!!!!

Christine Craig has set several goals for the upcoming year: Run a 5k in every city/town in RI; take 5 minutes off my current 5k time; Run 2 half marathon; and strength train 2 days a week.” But I think the most important one she sent us will be a mantra for her 2020, and I personally hope it spreads among everyone she meets: PRACTICE MAXIMUM ENTHUSIASM!! I love this so much. Life is short. Have fun. Be excited about things.

I’m mostly obsessed with what Kerry” Keeks” McEnerney’s resolution will be. I love this with all my heart, and I resolve to do this too: In 2020, I resolve to speak kindly to myself. I’m resolving to treat myself like I would treat any friendo— with positive encouragement and judgment-free forgiveness!

Meghan Couture hits on some similar notes, and I love the way it continues in who she is as a person: Be more spontaneous, not be over scheduled, be kinder to myself, practice self care and keep moving forward (emotionally and physically!)

Ashley Bouthillier writes some good ones, too. And one that’s honestly not possible. Read on: For 2020 I’m resolving to be more kind to myself.  I’m going to try to remember that I am enough. I want this coming year to be as great as 2019 was so I’m going to continue to show up, and continue to support my amazing friends who will be doing incredible things!  And maybe I’ll try to be better about putting my laundry away too? If you somehow figure out how to not leave baskets and piles of laundry lying around, maybe consider a Netflix special for the rest of us.

Krysten Moore crushed every local race she entered in 2019. Her 2020 goals expand on that: my goal is to put in the work for another big 5k milestone. I plan to focus on all the things (stretching, foam rolling, yoga, hydration) that will help me get there! 

Brett DeJesus’s goals for 2020 are already off to a good start (as he crushed a half marathon on January 1 with a top-25 finish!):
1. Running one race every month of the year
2. Crushing a marathon on my birthday
3. Getting a new job
4. Embracing my inner badass

Local wearer of pajamas-in-public, John Brownell, also gave a solid list of goals for the new year:

  • Bring back pajamas as a socially acceptable athleisure style option (Not happening)
  • Purchase no more than one pair of special edition Brooks shoes
  • Run the Chicago Marathon in 3:59:59 or faster
  • Return to my best running weight
  • Get into London 2021
  • Get into the Mt. Washington Road Race and complete in under 2 hours
  • Run the Providence Half Marathon in under 2 hours
  • Move
  • Visit every bakery/cafe in the Providence city limits once
  • Make my friends and family proud
  • Grow as a human being
  • Be kind to people

Alex Hirsch is embracing some wonderful goals we can all learn from:
I want to be more present. Less time on my phone and more face-to-face interactions, human contact.
Fitness Related: do something scary and totally not in my wheelhouse.

Last. and certainly not least, the winner of our first Positivity Award of 2020. Maria MacLellan, whose goals made me spit out my coffee at my desk while writing this out, and then laugh hysterically:

Drink 2 cups of water during the day instead of coffee. But I still get coffee.
Use John Brownell to make a baby
Pick up one shift of overtime a month
Learn how to conjugate verbs in Spanish
To clarify to above, it’s a Baby Yoda. After all, John and I are just Pastry Pals. 

Do you ave a resolution or goal you want to add? Post in the comments! We’ll keep each other accountable, and help make one another the best versions of ourselves.


We’re celebrating our 2nd Pledge-iversary by bringing back an old fun workout. 9am, Indian Point Park Stairs! Bring friends and everyone you know! Once we’re done, you have two choices for further fun:
1) local running group Providence Pastry Pals will be going on their Sunday Run to Knead Donuts
2) We’re going ice skating (weather permitting) at the BankNewport Skating Center in PVD and then going to Knead Donuts! More Info Here

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