we (still) out here.

Winnipeg Notes:
-Sunrise 6K April 29
-Excellent week of zoom connections
-we’re crushing the #covid19minutesofstairschallenge
-NP YWG Book Drive for Wpg Harvest launching NOW

We had another excellent week of Zoom workouts! Join us at 6:14am or do the workout on your own time. We had a great Happy Half Hour on Friday, Willie told us about the weird burrito he had made that week and Kristjana told us that her dog Gracey is her secret weapon for engaging her students in her video content.

Last week we challenged yall to go crush the #covid19minutesofstairs challenge and wowie, did you show up! So far 30 Winnipegers have completed the challenge. Huge shout out to: Mel, Jody, Jody, Jen, Amory, Jason, Scott, Lisa, Bernie, Dan, Desiree, Lyndsey, Amber, Hali, Dayna, Simon and Kelly who took on the challenge this week. AND to all of you who repeated the challenge this week! Let’s keep getting after it. Take on the challenge, I DARE YOU.

Oh yeah, Jan!
Our guy Dan, after crushing a 14km run!
We see you, Cindy.

SGN (some good news):
Leaslie wanted to shout out Desiree who supported her during a tough week by checking in and dropping off a hand written note and offering her a free haircut when this is all over.
Janet was grateful for Jody who’s had her back and who drove her to the grocery store (in a disinfected car) so that she could pick up some heavier items she needed and later in the week checked in if she could get anything at Costco for her.
Dawn had a friend reach out and ask where she could get some new running shoes, and Dawn recommended that she support local and check out City Park Runners. Well, Erick at City Park Runners helped her pick out the right shoes, and dropped them at her house that day with a complimentary hat and fuel belt.
Thank you for reaching out to me and sharing your stories, hearing about you all out there supporting each other and our community truly warms my heart. Please keep sharing your stories with me so I can share the good news.

Thank you to Erick at City Park Runners for keeping Winnipeg running.

The Challenge:
All of the November Project cities around the world are participating in a Sunrise 6K and we challenge you all to join, the details are as follow:
Next week, Wednesday, April 29, during sunrise in cities all around the world, we will share an experience like nothing we’ve ever had before. This will be a daring attempt to get at least 52 cities on the same page. With the help of our friends at Strava, we’re proud to bring you “The Best Of Sunrise 6K,” a virtual run where your sunrise STORY is the key element and your completed 6K is your entry to win new shoes from Brooks Running. Intrigued? We hope so.


If you don’t have Strava, you can fill out this form to enter:


Remember this is not about speed or the picture you take, this is a story telling contest. You’ll have the opportunity to write about what made this run unique/ interesting/fast/slow/creative or whatever it might be. You will be judged based on the run description and not your time.

Note: sunrise on Wednesday is at 6:08am, so you need to start your run by 6:18am. Let’s show up for this community, please, on Wednesday morning lace up and hit the pavement in big numbers, together, apart. I would love to see you out there and be able to yell ‘hi’ from across the road!

The request(s):
1. Please keep sending your stories, your selfies, messaging up when you complete the #covid19minutesofstairs challenge, tagging us in your content and using the hashtag #np_continues
2. We’re doing a book drive! I (Megan) will be organizing this endeavour, so reach out to me directly or on any of the NP platforms with any questions. Here’s what we’re gonna do:
-I will be collecting books for one week, if possible it is preferred if you drop them off at my house but if not I’m happy to do a pick up
-I will also be at the Forks, at the skatepark on Wednesday evening from 5:14pm-6:14pm to collect any books you want to donate.
-Donations will close on Saturday evening
-Next Sunday, we will have a virtual book sale on our Instagram story at 10am
-All books will be $5 and all proceeds will go to Winnipeg Harvest
-Of course, all of this will be contact free, and we will respect the 2mtr distance, and I will sanitize books
-I will make sure that all of the details and logistics are clear before the sale on Sunday
-I will hold book pick up hrs at the Forks on Monday and Wednesday evening next week.
This is a great chance to get rid of some books that are sitting around, cluttering up your space, to snag a new book and to support Winnipeg Harvest. Winnipeg Harvest works to feed Manitobans and during this difficult, uncertain time, they need more help than ever before. I would love to be able to hook some of our members up with some great new reads and to be able to make a HUGE donation to Winnipeg Harvest.

I miss you all.
Stay healthy, be well and run happy.
-Stubborn M

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