14 Replies to “Thank you for completing “The Best Of Sunrise 6k” Challenge”

  1. Timed for sunrise around the river in Christchurch, New Zealand. had my daughter with me on her bike.

  2. I love the 6k sunrise run. My favorite. The sun always shine in the Canadian Prairies!

  3. The 6k Sunrise Challenge – this run was unique as not being a morning person, I woke up waiting for my alarm to go off and get ready.
    I slowly and excitedly left the bed, stretched and began to get my gear on. As I left out and explored I appreciated the fact that the day wasn’t quite what I expected, where was the sunrise, had a missed it, no I had experienced it.
    This run was peaceful, joined only by ducks in the local park and snails that had come out following the rain. It was fresh, unique like me it was new a new day and I had the opportunity to enjoy it without needing to social distance.
    During this time of discontent I felt at peace. Making this one of my best and fastest finishes.

  4. Did it around the building to stay safe. Morning run to achieve 400 kms in this month

  5. Despite all the difficulties, I put an object to run this month of 300km, this morning run being an important step to achieve it. We must not let life stop us and that is why in these difficult times we respond with challenges that for many seem unattainable but for others they are a way of being and living 🏃‍♂️

  6. So glad I pushed myself out the door for the first time to run. I was going to do it inside and started that way but I Inspired by my NP NYC BK family.

  7. Congratulations on completing the sunrise 6k. So glad your daughter could do it with you!

  8. I got my run in before sunrise and as a storm was blowing in. 30 mph Headwinds one second then a nice tailwind then next. I finished in the rain.

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