Zoomin’ Across the Miles! By Rachel Gang

Rachel and Zevik

Hello and Shalom again, NP BAL! 

It’s been awhile; TOO long for that matter. Rachel Gang, here.  I REALLY miss YOU, NP Baltimore! I didn’t realize it that much, until I saw your sweaty faces and couldn’t high-five ya or give y’all a hug through the zoom screen 🙁 

Wednesday and Friday mornings, even the hills, burpees, squats, hoistees, yet most of all the sweaty hugs.   For now, I’m staying the course and still braving the dry and sweltering desert temps which linger well into the evenings.  Last time I wrote for ya, I was I was dreaming and drafting up a plan to get that #freefitness and #NP thing going over here in Israel’s southern desert.  WELP, that fell out the window (or off the horse or perhaps off the table, however the expression goes…) Remind me? The more and more I speak and live in a Hebrew-speaking world, the more and more my English declines and goes out the window.   I slowly found out Israelis aren’t really morning people, and I became less of one too the longer I lived here in Israel. I’d like to say that a few sweaty faces on screen from the Baltimore folks have changed that for the better.  

I’m here to show up and share some accountability that’s shifted and helped me along the way and especially keep my sanity (and not insanity) during corona times.  Reminding you all- It is possible.  So much is possible! 

  1. Started back running much more even if Israel law only allows for runs around the block at social distance.  The flat-ground laps are certainly a mental challenge.  
  1. Ordered some new shoes to support my feet.  It was only after my feet were killing me from running more frequently that I realized that this was long overdue. 
  1. Started some frequent cross-training workouts on my balcony.  No equipment required! 
Zevik opting outside

3) Very importantly- I joined and helped to grow a local whatsapp group of lady runners.  This has been huge to have accountability just 1 text or message away. We’re a group of novice women runners, all native English speakers in a Hebrew speaking world. (Thank you to Michla, Menucha, Shira, and Rakefet–you know who you are! Big hugs).  We come from all parts of the city and over the world but connected by running and the need to get out on 2 legs. Can’t wait to actually move away from whatsapp and to the roads/ trails with you! If you happen to be in southern Israel, looking to connect we’d love to have you join our group.  We’ve even set a challenge up for ourselves to run 2 times a week for 3 weeks that the winner earns infinite bragging rights. Wish me luck?! These ladies are some tough competitors.  

4. Restarted my strava running app.  Highly recommend this! It’s like facebook for runners and bikers!  (Also, changed it to kilometers for accuracy as well.)

5.  Finally and most Importantly, I JUST SHOW UP.  Thank you NP baltimore for showing up to Zoom with me.  I even leave my video camera on too, just for you.  

While Baltimore will always be my running home, I’m excited to be hitting the Be’er Sheva trails  still sporting my grassroots gear all along the way. Stay strong, folks and I’ll see you on the zoom.  

Bye for now (or as we say over here in Israel, L’hitraoat).  

Keep on keepin’ on, ‘see’ ya!

-Rachel G.

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