Spring & Virtual Sunrise 6km (YEG)

It’s so warm out!! I know you know this but I got so excited yesterday as I saw all of the mounds of ice floating down the river – ask Trent (my roommate) I mentioned it probably more times than necessary.

There is something about the transition from running on snow to running on pavement that gives me endless joy. Maybe it’s the jump in your step, the grip from your shoes, or just the warm air. It all just seems to give me a recharge mentally.

We are all dealing with our present circumstances in unique ways. We are living within the constraints that we need to, in order to keep ourselves/others safe, while also keeping our mental and physical health a priority. I know I sound like a broken record but it has been amazing to see your smiling faces during the virtual workouts, over social media, or even sharing a wave from far away. It helps me and I hope it helps you too.

In even more exciting news next week NP is bringing you a virtual run, The Best Of Sunrise 6K. No need to recreate the wheel, by explaining it here, all of the details can be found in this BLOG. I’m stoked, you should be stoked, the hype train is real – all aboard!

Practice proper social distancing, create your own unique 6km run (try to be considerate and avoid places where people bunch together), and be smart. I can’t wait to see what routes you come up with while running outside, in your apartment, or even your backyard – you do you.

Huge shout out to the co-leaders of NP Boston, Emily & Chris for this super cool design and their overall vision – I’m digging it.

Keep being awesome,



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