Quaran-King & Quaran-Queen (VB)

Our workouts may be virtual, and our physical presence socially distant, but you can always count on our November Project VB family to lift you up. In light of our regular Positivity and Hard Hat awards, we have created the virtual crowing of a King / Queen of the Quarantine. This morning was the official crowing of our favorite royal couple, Carla & Jim, two incredible humans that have no doubt won the heart of our NPVB community.

King & Queen Quarantine

Please, give me a few minutes of your time (you know you have extra these days) to tell you about two of my favorite humans. The first time I ever met Carla was at the second edition of the “Crate Escape”, a mobile outdoor story telling adventure featuring volunteer speakers from NP & JandA Racing. Petite little Carla was standing outside atop this flimsy crate, surrounded by a crowd of new & familiar faces. As rain poured down on top of us, she stood tall, holding a pretend golden microphone, telling her story of loss, discovery, and strength. You could hear a pin drop during her talk, everyone was clearly drawn to her spirit and her message. Yet at the end she did something unexpected, she commanded the crowd to chant with her. “I CAN! YOU CAN! WE CAN!” It was incredible! Gives me goosebumps still to this day remembering that moment.

Carla at the Crate Escape 2.0

Years ago, Carla & Jim came to NP workouts with the JandA training team for Pack Week and continued to #justshowup long after that week ended. My absolute favorite memory is from my time before becoming a leader. We were split into groups of 5 or 6 for the entire workout. I was with Carla, Jillian & Joe Howe, and we crushed the entire workout together. Red called us all to the bottom of the hill for a burnout I will never forget. He told us to hoist a partner onto our backs and carry them up to that ridge. I turned around and told Carla to jump on and up we went. We get back to the bottom and I tell Carla that it is OK, she doesn’t have to carry me up. She flat out refuses and tells me with all the courage in the world, “I can do this”, and asks me to jump on her back. That morning, Carla, my little rain-soaked hero from the crate escape, carried me one step at a time up that hill. The joy and sense of accomplishment on her face when she finished is forever burned into my soul. It is in that moment that I knew with 100 percent certainty that I wanted to lead November Project.

Virtual Cheer Station Shamrock 2020

Over the years Carla & Jim have been true stewards of community and support for so many in our area. They are the first to donate their time, drop off paint, t-shirts for rags, and always asking how they can help. After the workouts, Jim constantly helps me carry all of my crap back to my car. Carla is always finding a newbie to take under her wing to ensure they feel welcomed and comfortable at their first workout. Together they organized the first ever community wide Heart2Heart run to support the victims of hurricane destruction in NC. When the COVID19 virus forced the cancellation of this years Shamrock Marathon weekend, Carla & Jim dressed in their best shamrock gear, created signs & videos, and drove around Virginia Beach as a mobile cheer station for all of the runners completing their virtual races.

L O V E these two!!!!

I could go on and on, but one thing will always standout, Carla & Jim are the definition of LOVE! Love for yourself when times are hard. Love for your partner through thick and thin. Love for a friend new or old.  And always, Love for all members of our community.  I am so very blessed to call you both friends and love you both deeply!

~Love Jill

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