Take it to the Bridge

Sunrise on another – less cloudy- Wednesday of the summer.

Winnipeg Notes
– Bridge Challenge
– Winnipeg is Weatherproof on Friday
– Scramble V Thursday, September 26th
– October Friday Tags #rakeuptheleaves
– NP Community Page
– Fall races galore

Wednesday was a solid throw down of a classic, intense, favourite workout; The Bridge Challenge. Starting with Bridge Wars and ending with Bridge Sprints. All in all a fantastic morning on the bridge. Smiles were had, high fives given, boxes jumped, hoisties hoisted and pushups pushed. Good Job team!
This morning we had a solid crew show up despite the sparkles falling from the sky, reminding us what #weatherproof means. read more

Fill your Pack

-6:14am at the Leg on Friday’s

-We wore some backpacks for several reasons

-We are going to drop some fresh news for the month on October

Double gun salute is a great start to the day

Good morning backpackers!! Today was fun and a tiny bit weird. We learned how to do the backpack dance while warming up our muscles because apparently fall has set in quickly. read more

NP is GOOD, Winnipeg is GOOD.

Winnipeg Notes
– Sunrise 6k – Friday, August 30 at the Legislature
– Backpack workout next Wednesday, Sept 4th
– Come to Summit Nov 15th-18th, 2019
– Positivity Award to Kyle

Big smiles on the start line of PR Loop.

Good Job everyone on crushing some beautiful PR’s yesterday! The feet were fast, the burpees were sharp and the tags were fresh! read more

Children are the most bright -Winnipeg


**Grumble and whisper** – “I bet we are lunging to St B” Says everyone anytime we got to the beautiful St Boniface Bridge. Well you were right!! We tracked across to the old city of St Boniface one deep lunge followed by another… and another… oh wow it’s a long way eh

How many time trials are we gunna do??

We’ve got a pretty sweet event happening tonight check out the Facebook event here https://www.facebook.com/events/2124456584331250/?ti=icl Everyone is welcome and please keep your nominations rolling in for the awards portion. Example: Most likely to mess up instructions for PR day- Megan Hunter. Sorry Megan everyone just didn’t want to do 30 burpees and 10 laps around the human rights museum… Wuv you read more

Mother of Dragon(boats)

Wow, what a great week we had! Wednesday we did some hardcore parkour, we debuted roistees (reverse hoistees). Then we tried out a workout that we learned about at Meeting of the Minds, from our good friends at November Project Baltimore: the Baltimore 15 x 15. It was a real burner, and definitely one that we’ll be going back to! read more

William’s Version of Blog

-Dragon Boating August 16th 6am

-Guest Leaders Jess and Andrew so get ready for some lunges

-Sunrise 6K August 30

Willie’s First Blog.

Start Blog.

Today was a tough one! We got back to the Oodena circle and rocked out the clock. We can thank the OG’s Rick and Tom for making those pretty much super duper hard, every hand of the clock ya hit. Especially when you get a couple RPS loses in the mix. My strategy today was always go rock. It didn’t go as planned. Please fill me in on your strategy as getting stuck on the ol’ Bojan’s are tough. I can’t decide which is more tough, the Bo or the Jan’s. read more

Photo Essay

Winnipeg Notes:
•Sunrise 6K: good
•PR: good
•Scott wins positivity
•Mel takes 🔥📸
•August 16th: dragonboat popup

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and Mel got us that 🔥🥑💸 content yet again this morning. So the following is a photo essay of the morning, with some colour commentary, comments by me. read more

Stair-y eyed

Winnipeg Notes

– Sunrise 6km this Friday, July 26th

– PR / Tagging Day next Wednesday, July 31st

– Dragon Boat Pop Up Friday, August 16th

– Awesome turn out at Bomber Game

– Shabooyah goes to Katrina Froese

Some of us thought we were done with the stairs after the wicked stadium workout last week, some of us were wrong. What a great, hard, goofy morning. My highlight was our controlled chaos back to back best friend race. I thought this would be the most dangerous part of the workout with the potential of people running head first into one another at an all time high. I was wrong, cue the museum stairs. Not one, not two but three people fell up those stairs today. Being someone who has done this already this summer, I feel your pain my friends. No broken bones were had. Hope all bruises, scrapes and cuts heal quickly!

We thought we were done the stairs after a continuous 10 minute loop, but nope, MORE STAIRS. Finishing with a stair-sprint burnout was a fire finisher and you all brought that fire. Carter didn’t want to be shown up by super cute Bishop so he made sure to jump in for a race up those stairs, and he crushed it. You all crushed it. Good job team!

This Friday we will be at Fort Whyte Alive for our Sunrise 6K, NOT the Legislature. We will meet at the Alloway Centre. Show up before 6:14 to park and sign a waiver. We will bounce at 6:14 sharp, quick warm up and get to racing! Remember, there are two pairs of brand new Brooks Running Shoes on the line. You get to choose your own style, colour and size and have them shipped to you! The shoes won’t necessarily be going to the fastest finishers. We will be getting creative, so #justshowup to see how you can win!

We have officially booked our annual Dragon Boat Pop Up Workout, mark your calendars for Friday, August 16th. This is always a favourite event and we love seeing big numbers out. Bring your friends, bring your mom, bring your dad! More details to follow.

Last Friday, a big crew of NPers went back to Investors Group Field to cheer the Blue Bombers to their 5th victory of the season, with a final score of 31- 1 against the Ottawa Redblacks. This is pretty exciting because that makes the Bombers 5-0. The last time the Bombers started a season with 5-0 was in 1960, That’s history my friends! After the game, audience members were allowed down on the turf and some NPers got the chance to meet and chat with Blue Bomber, John Rush. A certain someone was even lucky enough to test out the plane! GO

Shabooyah this week was handed from Melanie Noble to Katrina Froese. Katrina is a constant positive energy at NP. She shows up all seasons, all weather. I believe this has to do with the fact that she is a seasoned cross-country skier and has embraced Winnipeg Weather to its fullest. Katrina, we are glad you’re here! Katrina actually works at Fort Whyte, where we will be racing this Friday. Even though she is unable to make the race, we will enjoy her workplace for her!

Don’t forget to bring a shirt to tag and a friend to race for PR Day next week!

That’s it, that’s all,

Chatty Y.

I. Believe. That. We. Will. Win.

Look at all those beautiful humans.

Winnipeg Notes:
– Stadium workout, y’all crushed it
– Bomber Game this Friday the 19th
– MEC Race #2 this Sunday the 21st
– Sunrise 6km #2 Next Friday the 26th
– SUMMIT in LAS VEGAS, Nov 15-18th
– Shabooyah goes to Melanie Noble

BOO-YAH Bomber Stadium workout! What a fire morning! Thank you to all 150 of you who came out and gave it your all at this wicked workout. Thanks to Investors Group Field for hosting us. Thanks to Lulu Lemon for bringing us a massive speaker. Thanks to Ivan for the drum solo for the Women’s World Cup inspired Bounce. Thanks to Melanie for taking some sweet pics. Thanks to Spencer for being keen to show up with less than a day’s notice to do some videography. read more

NPSUMMIT 2019 – Las Vegas – Rock N Roll

November Project Members working out at NPSummit

Below you’ll find the information about our annual gathering of all members and Co-Leaders from all over the world – #NPSUMMIT in Las Vegas, November 15-18. Being less than one month away please keep visiting this link as we will update more and more until we see you. Also, follow the main Instagram & Twitter accounts throughout the weekend for reminders and updates.


Friday – Travel day.
Saturday Workout 6:29AM – Las Vegas City Hall – Please arrive between 6-6:20AM. Workout will begin at 6:29AM sharp – No shirts will be painted during the workout (see “Post Workout” right below). We understand you’re most likely racing at Rock N Roll, but please move your body with us. Standing around is NOT the way to kick off this weekend. There is a coffee shop with a bathroom within a block of the meeting place.

THE BUS Saturday Post Workout / 8AM Depart City Hall read more