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Wisconsin Notes

– Peg City Scramble V tomorrow

– October Friday Tags

– Brooks runners demo next Wednesday!!

– Willie’s Birthday Boom

Jet in the sky

So we started the day off with a wicked awesome guest bounce from Milana hailing from Montreal. I don’t speak any French but I’m sure whatever I said was PG and hype! We then moved to a warm up. Well I guess it was a warm up. Maybe more of a “I bet I can guess who thought of this” while squatting around the skatepark….

This is Milana. She has not accepted my Facebook friend request yet.

Well today is my birthday. Thank you all for the well wishes and awesome birthday boom! I used to not be a fan of my birthday and scuff it off whenever someone sang happy birthday or even when someone wished me a happy birthday. I never liked the attention and felt super awkward. I never actually valued the effort people were making to reach out and connect with me. Just because I wasn’t totally comfortable on my birthday doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take the time to acknowledge the people who make the time for Willie Mac (don’t look back). So thank you again for the BOOM AND ALL THE WELL WISHES!!!!

Water break. Bloggin’ be Exaustin’

Cassandra awarded the Shaybooya away over to Dave. He is without a doubt one of the most deserving of this award. He bleeds November Project. What does this mean? He embodies the spirit of community, rocks the grass roots gear everywhere, brings his whole family out to most workouts and absolutely every event and well he’s just such a gosh darn nice guy. Dave I think you know what I’m gunna say next but here it goes anyway. Dave! We are glad you’re here!!

Also we share the same haircut

Next Wednesday a representative from Brooks will be joining us! There will be a hockey bag full of new shoes to demo and try for the workout if anyone would like. This is a great opportunity to show our support for Brooks as they are the key sponsor for NP. We checked out the headquarters during meeting of the minds and duh it was dope. Lots of awesome people who just love running and activities!!

Picture of Dom
Picture of John

We look forward to seeing you at Cousins Deli tomorrow night at 6:45pm for the V’th version of the Peg City Scramble!! Bring a “tin for the bin” in support of Winnipeg Harvest for each teammate in order to receive an extra clue!! Even if you don’t run please please come and participate, there are many teams who walk and find two clues then wander back to beat the rush of sweaty peoples sprinting back to make it within the time limit. Hope to see you at Cousins delicatessen with a tin or two!!

Birthday secret: I used to have hair

Well this was fun, we shall blog again sometime

Guess it’s time to close the blog

William Richard

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