We Need YOU….

Winnipeg Notes:
-get your name in to be one of our 23 guest co-leads
-Baltimore 15×15
-Tammy handed the Shabooya off to Daniel
-Run the Night Away Half Marathon- November 23rd

This morning wasn’t nearly as cold as we all thought it was, we leveled up and layered down (TM Derek Page), we took it into the cement castle wonderland for the Baltimore 15×15 and it was a gooder. Tammy passed the Shabooya off to Daniel; who can rock a matching shirt and short combo, like no other. Daniel and Tammy we are glad that you are here.

We are hosting a night half marathon, Saturday, November 23rd at 6:14pm, meet at the Forks, stay afterwards for a beer. The course is two 6.5 mile loops, so you have the option to run a relay or a quarted marathon. Come on down, were hoping for an awesome evening. Oh, and wear your headlamps!

Now for the real meat and potatoes of this badboy…… we are continuing Friday’s at the Ledge all year round! But were instituting a fun new format! Staring Friday, December 7th and going until Friday, May 9th, or 23 weeks we are going to have a new guest co-lead every week! Each week there will only be one co-leader leading, myself, Will and Yvette will be taking turns leading, and each week we will need one of YOU to step up and help us out!

Here’s how it’s going to work, you have one week to submit yourself to be a guest co-leader, if we have more than 23 people volunteer, we will draw names to determine who our guest co-leads will be! We will check with you to make sure that the date works and we will release the winter schedule to the public on Wednesday, November 27th.

But I haven’t been to a workout in months! Can I still co-lead? YES!
I’ve only been coming for a few weeks, can I still co-lead? YES!
I’m sort of shy and a little nervous, should I co-lead? YES
I’m not very fast, can I still co-lead? YES!
I’m injured, and won’t be able to run, should I still co-lead? YES!

We want you to co-lead with us. Get fired up! Get excited! We think that this is going to be awesome! Let’s keep that buzz going all winter long! Message us on Facebook or Instagram if you want to be guest co-lead!

Happy Wednesday!

Fired Up M

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