If You Can Do It Today… (BOS)

Today was the first cold day. Like the first really cold day–below zero and wind chills in the single digits. And it’s been long enough in the year since it was cold that it feels like today is the first cold day, like ever.


Today was also a day that lots of you showed up. And as one wise human said, “I knew this morning, if I didn’t show up, it’d the start of my excuses all winter long.” Which also means that if you can show up today, then it can be the start of the good reasons to show up for yourself all winter long.

Either way, today is a good day to remember that every single week, every single workout is point at which you can say, “if I can do this today…” and remember that momentum is a powerful thing. And when the obstacles seem most monumental, like a frigidly cold day, some crazy snow, a weird location, or the darkest of dark winter mornings, THOSE are precisely the moments to look that obstacle in the face and choose to get up, lace up, and show the f*ck up. Because if you can show up on a day like that, you can do anything. There is no more need for excuses, just good reasons to keep changing your own world by pushing back against the obstacles. Leaning into them, leaping over them, diving headlong right past whatever shit stands in your way–and deciding how you want to live your day.

Today is the day. If you can do it today, just watch out world.

upcoming workout news

SEE YOU FRIDAY for hills at Summit Ave. Remember, Louise and Ari will be guest-coleading since Capozzi and I will be traveling out to Las Vegas for NP_Summit 7.0.

And MONDAY 11/18, Dana Bogan will be guest-coleading the Destination Deck workout at the Coolidge Corner School playground in Brookline right HERE. #JustShowUp at 6:29am

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