Children are the most bright -Winnipeg


**Grumble and whisper** – “I bet we are lunging to St B” Says everyone anytime we got to the beautiful St Boniface Bridge. Well you were right!! We tracked across to the old city of St Boniface one deep lunge followed by another… and another… oh wow it’s a long way eh

How many time trials are we gunna do??

We’ve got a pretty sweet event happening tonight check out the Facebook event here Everyone is welcome and please keep your nominations rolling in for the awards portion. Example: Most likely to mess up instructions for PR day- Megan Hunter. Sorry Megan everyone just didn’t want to do 30 burpees and 10 laps around the human rights museum… Wuv you

The amount of hype in the picture is real

Can some please volunteer to be Yvette’s friends for one weekend??? November Project hosts a “Summit” every year around an event. This year it is the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas 5km to half marathon. Here is the link to check it out This is always a very well attended event and lots of memories are made. Ask around our city to see who’s been to a summit and I’m 💯 percent sure they will say it’s worth the trip.

Mandatory dog break
Dog hug break

Riley passed on the Shabooya award to the well deserving Bruce with his side kick Carter taking a producer credit on the deal. Bruce absolutely works his tail off every week. Carter wags his tail off so needless to say they make a great team. Bruce and all your furry sidekicks, we’re glad you’re here.

See ya’ll tonight

Signing off

-Blog Master W

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