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Wisconsin Notes

  • Peg City Scramble September 26
  • Cass got that Shayboooooya
  • October Friday Tags
  • Siloam Mission towels

First off big thank you to everyone who brought a towel to donate to Siloam Mission. These acts of kindness are what make NP stronger from within.

Whomever ordered the second sumer in September maybe leave out the side of humidity next time. We were all very sweaty but also very smiley and this made for a great morning. Best friend circle was the start of the smile, well and I guess the smile just kept up with the sweat for the rest of the workout! Especially when we ended with not one but two burnout time trials… This was tough and everyone crushed it!

We got some new hype coming at ya in October!! Each Friday at the Legislative building we will be tagging a new leaf and if you get all 4 leafs. You. Get. A. TREE. So grab your grass roots gear or a crisp light or bright shirt and get that tag on!! As the tag is so big an awesome we will be filling up the backs of the shirt in accordance to the design. Trademark- Willie Mac. Self proclaimed Mayor of Tag-Ville.

If you haven’t attended a Peg City Scramble yet you’re one hundred million percent missing out. It is a scavenger hunt consisting of walking/running fun good times. Version V will provide an extra clue if your team of 3 brings 3 “Tins for the Bin” in support of Winnipeg Harvest.

The Shaybooya award went to someone very special to the NP community on Wednesday. She recruits, inspires, smiles and swears all within the hour we get to spend time with her. Not to mention she lives in St Malo and makes it to the forks for 6:14am all year round. She is getting married this Saturday so from the whole NP community we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Cassandra we are glad you’re here.

In conclusion. This blog is concluded.

All the best

Best Regards

William Richard Macdonald

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