Let’s Hear it for Stairs (BOS)

Let’s just face it, it’s been quite a week! Anyone who attended all three NP workouts this week realizes that there’s more to stairs than just Wed in the stadium. Especially when we figure out a way to throw stairs into all three workouts this week. Yup, you heard it correctly, ALL THREE WORKOUTS had stairs to climb.

Today we did a spicy version of an old favorite YMSB workout on the hills–which is an acronym for…

…keep it together people, it’s an acronym for the streets that T into Summit Ave as you’re running up the hill. Y = York. M = Mason Terrace. S = Short St. B = Beacon. And the workout involves running progressively longer loops down the front hill, starting with a quick loop only down as far as York. Then another loop from the top down to Mason Terrace and back up. And another loop to Short… you get it.

But the spice came when we made the workout into YMSS by cancelling out the last, longest loop that usually goes to Beacon St. And instead, on the third loop where you ran down to Short St. and back up, juuuust as you get to the top of the hill, you actually bang a left down SUMMIT PATH (the final S), and did the stairs all the way down to Beacon, then back up, and restarted the whole thing with the shortest loop down Summit. It was great. And different. And a little like — “hey, thanks for more stairs this week (said with really sarcastic tone of voice and a hint of an eye roll).” But we think it was incredible and everyone is probably a little better for it, despite how hard it felt while you were running it. So, let’s hear it for stairs!!!

Now we hope everyone takes a lil’ break from stairs at least until Wednesday, and we promise Monday will not involve any more stairs. But this is EmSauce writing this, and I’ll be out of town on Monday, so that leaves Capozzi and he’s calling up the old boy cone Chris Payne to lead the workout on Monday with him, so I guess my promises could easily be unfulfilled because you just never know what those two little boy cones will do. I wish you all good luck, and have so much fun. I really wish I could be in Boston for that workout!

If you wanna show up to it, it’s Monday, Sept 23 at 6:29am. Location is right next to the Charlestown bridge, on the Charlestown side…MAP HERE!

also coming up

WEDNESDAY 9/25 is #PRday in the stadium, so come prepared to race yourself for your personal record. Or just show up and have a workout for free with some incredible human beings surrounding you. Or don’t, but it’s all going down and we WANT YOU THERE. 5:30 & 6:30am. There will also be #GrassrootsGear tagging happening (last Wed of the month), so bring your light/bright colored shirts/tops for tagging. Black paint only, so we won’t tag on black shirts!

Have a great weekend!

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