On Wednesdays We Wear Neon

So a little mental math for all you faithful followers. If we had 23 people workout when it was -40* and the temperature today at 6 AM was 12*, which by all measures is at least 13 times as awesome – how many people showed up to November Project Winnipeg this morning?

The answer of course is 61. If you got 176, it’s because you forgot to carry the 1 on the long division – common mistake. read more

Crush the Kings!

Another another Wednesday, another beautiful morning and (official NP) attendance records crushed!  44 tribe members showed up this morning to crush a brutally hard workout and get their dance on with a Boy Band playlist from days gone past.  Remarkably, and completely unintentionally the tribe also sent a strong message of support for the Jets as they march on towards the first play-off appearance of the Jets 2.0 era; read on for more… read more

Sebastian The Easter Bunny

Sebastian the Easter Bunny took charge this morning at the workout and all I can say is, Sebastian is a dick.

He kicked our asses, had us running all over the Forks grounds following clues and was relentless in his assault on our bodies. One tribe leader named Dom (names have been changed to protect his identity/pride) was seen curled over saying “I think I am going to puke, fuck Sebastian”.  Group Plank Scotia - HRM While that first part definitely all happened, the real truth is that this morning was amazing! The sky was a beautiful pink and purple, the weather was warm, and tribe members showed up in shorts and T-shirts for the first time since October! Was the workout hard? Fuck yeah it was hard; but we all made it, we rallied, we pushed each other and we were rewarded with Mini-Eggs at the end (thanks Sebastian!). The tribe was big this morning, 3 newbies and more than 10 old faces who crept out of hibernation and returned to us. Each week we tag more shirts, the community gets stronger, the hugs get a little tighter and we roll onwards!  Sarah L PA The positivity award was handed to one of our fiercest females today. Sarah has been with us since October, she braved every single winter workout (except for one while she was away representing her business faculty on the national scene!!) and she absolutely flies out there, every single week. Never one to take the modified exercise: she jumps the highest ledges, sprints at the front of the pack and proves to us that fierce comes in many packages. Sarah, we will miss you when you move to Calgary! Our loss is most certainly their gain! Great job today and everyday. Get on the tracker, drop your verbals for next week and lastly register now or show up for race day registration on Saturday morning at Assiniboine Park. We will be tagging gear at the MEC 5K and 10K race and we will be dominating the event. Set a goal, challenge yourself, step outside your comfort zone and join us at the start line. 9 AM saturday morninghttp://events.mec.ca/node/40761. The tribe is strong! Much love Tom and Rick

Pulled A Fast One

Well there you have it folks – today just goes to show that despite any indication of nice weather in Winnipeg in March, you need to prepare for the worst.  Two weeks ago we were given the lovely surprise of having all the snow melt by mid-March; an unheard of feat for Winnipeg at this time of the year.  Despite a few slippery mornings we were pumped and ready to get going on our summer workouts – I even had my shorts all pulled out and nicely ironed, ready to go for this week.  Alas, Winnipeg winter can be a cold, heartless bitch; Tuesday night rolls around and we wake up Wednesday morning with a full 4 inches of freshly fallen, wet and sticky snow. read more

A Lesson in Maintaining “Positivity”

Hi! Katie and Dan here.  We had the great pleasure of leading this week’s #novemberprojectywg workout while our intrepid leaders, Tom and Rick, tore up the fresh powder in Big White, BC took an administrative day.  Needless to say, we knew that we had huge shoes to fill.  Tom and Rick have masterfully led our tribe over the last 9 months and along the way have built an incredible community of amazing and dedicated people.   A big part of our tribe’s success is due to Tom and Rick’s high energy and vibe. Big shoes to fill.  When they asked us to fill in for them this week, we were excited but a bit nervous.  With a little thoughtful planning and a wicked music playlist, however, we were confident that we were up for the task. read more

A Golden Boy for a Golden Day

What a difference a week makes . . . after proving for 8 weeks that we are one of the coldest tribe in the NP family (-35 or worse every week), we finally saw some reprieve this week and stripped off about 5 layers while enjoying the weather which hovered around +1* Celsius – time to go to the beach! The tribe was out in full force, numbers were up to 38, as we saw a few familiar faces who made it out of hibernation. Of course we welcomed them and greeted them the same as those who suffered through the cold months, with huge hugs, fuck ya’s and a workout that didn’t stop kicking our asses for a full 55 mins. read more

“Winnipeg Gone Rogue” gone November Project

Well, here we are, we have arrived, our short 8 year pledge (ok maybe it was only 8 months) process has come to an end and we are proud to be officially part of the November Project family! To say that this past Wednesday morning was awesome would be such an understatement. In addition to the 30 or so crazy, fierce Winnipeggers who showed up for  our 5th straight -37 degree day (interestingly, Celsius or Fahrenheit feels awfully the same at that temperature) , we had 4 surprise guests; Chris, Chloe and Nadim from Edmonton arrived on Tuesday night, parked their dogsleds in the barn and were among the first people down at the Forks Wednesday morning. We were so pumped to see your bright colors, and initially confused but ultimately excited by the sudden presence of Grassroots Gear! read more