A Golden Boy for a Golden Day

What a difference a week makes . . . after proving for 8 weeks that we are one of the coldest tribe in the NP family (-35 or worse every week), we finally saw some reprieve this week and stripped off about 5 layers while enjoying the weather which hovered around +1* Celsius – time to go to the beach! The tribe was out in full force, numbers were up to 38, as we saw a few familiar faces who made it out of hibernation. Of course we welcomed them and greeted them the same as those who suffered through the cold months, with huge hugs, fuck ya’s and a workout that didn’t stop kicking our asses for a full 55 mins.

Plank Circle - D & A birthday

We rolled out our first YWG Grassroots Gear today and it looks SICK!! Rick and Tom spent last night tagging up shirts and resisting the temptation to tag Ricks white husky Nanook – but come on guys she would look reeeeeally good with NP across her ribs and she’s kinda jealous of our style. We passed out the shirts that were given to us last week (because it was too cold to tag) and then set up shop after the workout to make more. For our YWG tag, we chose to use a silhouette of the Golden Boy; a gilded statue that stands on top of our Legislative Building and has become a symbol of our city and province – and it doesn’t hurt that the dude is pretty jacked. 

YWG Grassroots Gear 1

We are proud of our Grassroots Gear, we are proud of our tribe and we look forward to tagging up some Passport shirts on your next visit. 

See you all soon!

Tom and Rick




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